Gallinée was first launched in France in 2016. The brand’s success and high praise by its users have lead it to be a brand that is now sold in multiple nations worldwide, including Malaysia. Gallinee is currently in the lead as a skincare brand that places specific attention in taking care of the skin’s microbiome. Microbiome refers to the good bacteria and microorganisms that live in and on our body. Their innovation in creating this skincare will provide support to the skin’s microbiome through prebiotic, probiotic, and lactic acid complex.

Recently, we’ve been lucky enough to have a chat through Zoom with Dr. Marie Drago, the founder of Gallinée. We were delighted to hear insight on this innovative skincare line, their journey and learn more about the founder herself.

Who is Dr. Marie Drago?

“I am a French Pharmacist. I did my studies in France and moved to London. My interest in skin microbiome began because of my own auto immune disease which put me on heavy treatments. However, those treatments did not work for me. Then I started looking into probiotic and prebiotic diet because it was able to reduce inflamation. It worked wonders for me.”

How did Gallinée begin?

“I realized that no one was doing anything for the skin microbiome and prebiotic for skin. So I went back into my studies and passed my thesis for skin microbiome. This was when I patented my thesis which included formulas for Gallinée’s products and launched the brand almost 5 years ago. We were the first skincare brand to talk about microbiome. 5 years ago we were such a small company and now it is interesting to see how much it has grown and reached people around the world.”

What are Gallinée’s Commitments to Their Users?

“Gallinée is microbiome friendly, cruelty free – We do not test on animals-, has ingredients from natural origins, clinically tested, suitable for sensitive skin, and are all made in France. Most of our products have been tested on skin prone to eczema. Half our consumers in France have skin that has a high tendency to have eczema and our products have been developed for sensitive skin problems.”

What Makes Gallinée Different?

“We’ve got a patent and are the first one to associate prebiotics in skincare. We use what we call “tenderised probiotics” where bacteria is killed by heat but they are still intact so they can interact with the skin and microbiome. We also use a lot of prebiotics. Prebiotics is a term used for nutrients that can only be absorbed by good bacteria. Therefore, for me it is a very gentle way of supporting your microbiome because you are only feeding the good guys (good bacteria). We also used lactic acid a lot and it is produced by good bacteria. Lactic acid is such a good ingredient because it is brightening, exfoliating, supports collagen production and lowers the PH value of your skin. I love lactic acid, I put it everywhere!”

What is Gallinée’s Product Range?


“We have three product range; Face Care, Hair Care, and Body Care. We do not want to have too many products in each range because when it comes to pre/probiotics it effects the skin’s microbiome and impacts the bacteria. Therefore, it is important to be as gentle and efficient as possible with less products.”

What is the Top Product from Gallinee?

Face Vinegar

“In South East Asia, our most popular product is the Face Vinegar from our Face Care Range. It’s a toner/essence, it’s almost like a liquid serum but without oil, parabens and silicone. What makes it special is that it has vinegar in it which which is a postbiotic. It is especially great for acne prone skin, and is soothing, purifying, and has repairing powers.”

“I have super sensitive skin, so I was so happy to use this as a toner because prior to this I wasn’t able to as toners are too aggressive for me. I recommend applying it with a cotton pad and pat it on after cleansing. Or what I really like to do is use it as a splash mask by patting it onto my face directly.”

Youthful Serum

“Gallinée Youthful Serum is one of our best sellers as well. It is concentrated with innovative probiotic, prebiotic and postbiotic actives to improve the skin’s radiance and reducing signs of ageing. It is super light, has no fragrance, non-sticky, and no silicone. The Fern prebiotics helps to provide an immediate lifting effect and the lactic acid provides radiance.”

Cleansing Bar

“Next is the cleansing bar. This cleansing bar is soap free and can be used for the face and body because its so gentle. The cleansing bar is different from soap because it is much more gentle. With soap, it has a high PH level (compared to our cleansing bar that is only PH 5) because it is harsh and strip away everything including the good bacteria on our skin making it bad for those with sensitive skin. The cleansing bar is perfect for sensitive skin and eczema, it strips away the bad stuff and works with good bacteria to keep the skin healthy and radiant.”

Scalp Soothing Cleansing Cream

“When unbalanced it can lead to itchiness, dandruff and hair loss. Gallinée is the first company to develop a prebiotic range to gently care for hair and balance your scalp’s microbiome. The scalp’s microbiome plays a crucial role in the regulation of sebum. The Malaysian weather may make you wash your hair more often due to the heat and humidity. However, it is important to wash your scalp less because it is sensitive and over washing may cause an increase in sebum production and dandruff. This gentle and soothing cream will work wonders on your scalp.”

Does the Face Vinegar have a distinct smell since its Vinegar?

“There is no added fragrance in this product. However, there is a slight hint of vinegar and floral smell as the vinegar comes from hibiscus apple cider vinegar.”

How do we store Gallinee products?

“Gallinee products contain bacteria which makes it important to store it in room temperature. It also has a shorter shelf life compared to many products out there due to its formulation. We do send the latest products to Sephora so don’t worry about the freshness and all of our products come with an expiry date on it.”

“As for the cleansing bar, it is important to dry it after every use. Store it in a dry place. It is made very compact which doesn’t make it melt as fast as the typical soap bar. We do have a storage product for the cleansing bar in development and may be sent to be sold in Sephora in the future.”

What does My Beauty Power mean to you?

“To feel happy in your skin. Your skin is there for you. Being happy and comfortable in your own skin makes me happy. I am 40 now and everyday I appreciate the glow in my skin.”

This exclusive interview is brought to you by Dr. Marie Drago and Sephora Malaysia.