An Insider For Us

Beauty Insider is taking a dive into a beauty brand, For Us. This brand was founded by KeQing, a Malaysian with many talents! Not only is she the founder of For Us, but she is also a singer, actor and author! The aim of For Us is to remind everyone that you should “enjoy life, and make time for yourself”. It’s time to take care of yourself and that is what KeQing created For Us. Currently, it only has one product available, which is the Me Time Repairing Mask. This face mask has the benefit to help enhance the natural lipid barrier of the skin.

As well as providing benefits of hydrating, moisturising and soothing the skin. The mask also helps with acne, pores and has properties of anti-ageing. To ensure her customers get the best, the mask is a premium Bemliese sheet hailing from the latest technology in Japan! And don’t worry, this face mask is suitable for all types of skin. Want to get to know more about KeQing? Keep on reading! Or, check out her Instagram @keqing_is_not_a_cat and for more information. 

1. Tell us something that we don’t know about you.

I might look soft and girly, but I am actually very adventurous and rebellious! I’ve been independent ever since I was young. I love travelling alone to explore more and meet new people in life. Observing people around me and my surroundings is also something I love to do. I just find it relaxing and fun to do so! I love spending time alone at home with my cat, enjoying my me-time by listening to music and reading.

2. If you are not singing and performing, what would you be doing now?

I would be a traveller because I’ve been a celebrity ever since I was 15 years old. Deep down, I have an image to take care of when I am in the country. But when I travel, only then can I be like a normal person, a human being, from my heart. But I will also be doing beauty-related stuff since I’ve loved everything about beauty since I was younger. I am glad I am actually doing it now! 

3. Tell us your Top 3 favourite foods and the 3 foods you detested the most. 

Most 3 favourite foods:

  • Strawberry shortcake with fresh cream 
  • Anything made by Matcha
  • Egg, As long as it’s egg
  • I have an extra favourite food, it’s Durian. 

Most detested food:

  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon 
  • Wild rockets

4. How did For Us Skincare begin?

I’ve always loved to apply face masks! so I think instead of spending to buy face masks, and advertising for other brands, I am going to utilize my networks to establish a business by being an ambassador for my own brand.

5. What inspired you to start your own skincare brand?

I have hypersensitive skin and it’s quite hard for me to get masks that suit my skin. I have many fans who faced the same problem as me, so I believe if I can use this, it means that the majority of people can use it too because most people with sensitive skin dare not to use masks. Hence, I thought it might be a good idea to create a mask that even people with sensitive skin can use!

6. Share with us one of your favourite beauty rituals.

Applying a face mask and lip mask of course! This is because I feel that applying a mask is very calming and that for 15 minutes, I have time all to myself to calm my mind and enjoy the space.

7. As an advocate for eating natural, fresh and keeping fit, how did you manage to maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your busy schedule?

I will work out almost every day and prepare my own meals if I am at home. I like prepping meals because I feel like the time I spent prepping meals enables me to just focus and concentrate at that time. It also helps me to destress, life is already stressful enough, so it’s comfortable to be able to prep my own meals and keep fit! I know my goal in life very clearly and that is to be happy and comfortable. Cooking gives me a sense of comfort and so, I continue to do it.

8. Any advice you would like to share with Beauty Insider Malaysia readers in terms of self-care in 2021?

A lot of people are talking about how to take care of your physical outlook and health. I think it’s time to take care of our mental health, especially during this pandemic. It has made many people become more sensitive to their emotions. While taking care of your physical health, taking care of your mental health is also important as it enables us to help overcome many problems in life. Your heart decides how you look, true beauty comes from within. Your power comes from your heart.

9. Any upcoming events that we should look forward to from you?

In the next half quarter of the year, we are planning to launch a new product! So, stay tuned! We are in the midst of testing the products, so we can’t share them with you guys yet. After the MCO, we plan to have beauty talks, workshop and have more on-the-ground activities to connect and interact with our followers too!