Eyebrows are a prominent feature of the face and often brings attention to the eyes. Brow makeup are sometimes essential, and many feels self-aware without them.

Microblading eyebrows is a semi-permanent eyebrow treatment. It is slightly similar to the older long-term solution for sparse brows, eyebrow tattoo. Another term for it is eyebrow embroidery. So what is microshading? Read on to find out.

Embrow Embroidery at Browart Studio. Photo from Browart Studio.
  1. It is a variation of microblading.

Microshading uses permanent pigment using tiny tattoo needles but with small dots. Microblading on the otherhand, creates natural hair-like strokes. It is also called the “Shadow Effect” and gives brows a gradient appearance.

  1. Microshading is suitable for oily and sensitive skin.

Brow expert Nadia Afanaseva of Eye Design New York told New Beauty that microshading is recommended for oily and sensitive skin because the technique “takes better to their skin type.” It can last as long as one to three years. If you fill in your brows every day, that is a lot of time saved!

  1. The end result is filled in brows.

Microshading uses an electric hand tool or a manual tool. This creates an effect like eyebrow powder. If you are often looking up beauty inspos on Instagram, then you are familiar with the kind of brow you will get. Microshading will give you bold, full brows.

  1. It involves small incisions.

But your technician will numb the area first. After the treatment, you can expect some mild swelling which should resolve itself. Aftercare is simple, just cleaning the area with distilled water on a cotton pad gently. Then applying aftercare cream every four hours.

  1. You can mix the procedures to get the effect you want.

Eugena Bey, client of Browhaus for Brow Resurrection. Photo from Browhaus.

If you have very sparse browse and dry skin, mixing microblading and microshading might help you in achieving a more youthful look via a full brow. If you prefer the natural hair-like strokes rather than the eyebrow powder effect, perhaps microblading is the treatment you are looking for.

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