Can  your skin get used to skincare products? Would their effectiveness reduce as a result?

Skin does become “used to” to some concentrated active ingredients

Dermatologists calls it tachyphylaxis, where your skin gets tolerant to an ingredient so it stops responding to it.

However, this only applies to some ingredients, like retinol and salicylic acid. Retinol can cause irritation, hence at the initial use of the product, retinol should be introduced gradually. However, at a certain stage, the benefits will plateau.

If and when that happens, just stop using the ingredient for a while then try it again. Switching to another ingredient that delivers the same benefits could help maintain the gains For example, exchange a salicylic acid exfoliant for one with glycolic acid.

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Diminishing Results the more you use the product

When you start using a particular product, may be at a time where your skin really needed that extra help. However, when your skin improves, it is already at a good position, and difficult to register further gains.

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Signs its time to change your skincare products (even temporarily)

  • Change in climate. Hot all year round, Malaysia does not under go big temperature fluctuations. Although there are months that are noticeably hotter and more humid. You may want to temporarily switch your skincare products to lighter formulas.
  • New skin stressors. A new change in environment or major events happening can lead to stress that affects our skin’s well-being. Especially if sleep is compromised. You may have to add new products to take into consideration of these issues.
  • Age and other life events. As you age, you may need more ingredients that target cell renewal or collagen growth. Or if you’re pregnant or planning to get pregnant, you may want to switch to organic products (best skincare ingredients for every age.)
  • Skincare treatments. If you have added chemical peels or other skin treatments to your skincare routine, then ask your doctor if you need to change your products too. For example, you may have to stop using retinol before getting a laser treatment or when pregnant.

Store your skincare products correctly

Don’t put your skincare products (especially those with Vitamin C) in direct sunlight. Heat and humidity can cause them to expire faster, especially with natural products that have no preservatives.