Even people who aren’t skincare experts are aware of Korean beauty’s influence on the industry. However, have you heard of J-beauty? Japanese beauty is another Asian beauty style that comes from the country of fast-paced life and cherry blossoms. With that, Beauty Insider is listing out the best Japanese beauty brands that you should include in your collection!

Essentially, J-beauty is Japanese attractiveness in the most basic sense. Japanese skincare procedures and ingredients, as well as cosmetics trends and hair care tips, are all included. Japanese beauty, like other Asian-centric skincare, focuses primarily on the skin through the use of skincare and cosmetics.

Wabi-sabi is an old Japanese philosophy that supports the idea that we are all “perfectly flawed.” Surprisingly, J-beauty isn’t just about cosmetics or skincare. It covers a wide range of substances, centuries-old rituals, healthcare regimens, product research and development, and so much more.

Japanese skincare is more straightforward, yet still exact. It emphasises moisture and double cleaning, but only has 4-5 skincare stages. The goal of Japanese skincare is to produce clean, translucent skin. Hydration, UV protection, and targeted blemish removal are all part of the process. To sum up, Japanese beauty products believe in improving the core to have every other aspect fall into place.

1. Hada Labo

Hada Labo is the Japanese word for “Skin Lab,” and it perfectly describes the brand. Additionally, Hada Labo’s best-selling face lotion is understandably the #1 face lotion in Japan, thanks to over 100 years of research and development. The brand’s “Gokujyun” skincare line, which focuses on hydrating skin with various kinds of hyaluronic acid, has gained special acclaim.

Each category has an equal number of items, ranging from face wash and clear lotion to milk, serum to mist and gel! The Gokujyun Clear Lotion, Gokujyun Face Wash, and Gokujyun Mask are among Hada Labo’s best-selling items.

2. Bioré

Bioré is a personal care brand created by Kao Corporation, a Japanese chemical and cosmetics business, in 1887. It is well-known as a skincare company featuring pore-clearing products; pore-clearing nose strips are one of its best-selling items. Try their best-selling Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser if your oily skin needs extra attention. It’s packed with Japanese Skin Purifying technology, which helps prevent blackheads and acne by pulling out pore-clogging debris like germs and oil!


SUQQU is a Japanese word that means “a lady rising to her full height.” It is associated with beauty and grace. This opulent collection of incredible colours, handcrafted tools, and results-driven skincare is designed to help you achieve your full potential. Their flawless product range encourages you to take time for self-care and play- in the most grown-up way possible. With this J-Beauty line, you can expect rich colours, amazing, light-as-air textures, and cutting-edge technology.


UBUNA’s cutting-edge edit of customizable power serums targets the bad guys responsible for speeding cell death, putting you in charge of your skin. These formulations are inspired by the fact that antibodies may be utilised to improve skin’s ceramide replenishment and neutralise skin-damaging antigens. UBUNA then discovered a method to use this revelation to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and dullness.

5. Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura has made a name for itself in the luxurious side of the beauty industry. It’s a Japanese cosmetics brand that combines elegance with whimsy, as well as heritage and contemporary. To add, they’re not afraid to experiment with unusual colours and shimmers, bringing out everyone’s edgy-chic side.

However, despite their efforts to transform Asia’s beautiful landscape, they remain committed to their philosophy: “Beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin.” It goes without saying that when you wear Shu Uemura, your skin receives the attention it deserves.

6. Kate Tokyo

Kate Tokyo is the most recent of these Japanese beauty companies, offering cosmetics that represent Japan’s colourful, on-trend vitality. The crisp, intelligent, and fashion-conscious Japanese urbanites have a big effect on this brand’s products. Kate Tokyo, on the other hand, ensures that its items are accessible to individuals from all walks of life by keeping their costs low!

If you’re asking for any recommendations, I would suggest their Nude Rouge line. It has everything a red lip connoisseur could want: a bright red foundation and a nude tint to apply over it. With that, this produces the ideal shade of red- beautifully classic! The best part about the collection is that the palettes come in a variety of red and nude colours matching to suit any skin tone!

7. CanMake

CanMake’s concept is to enhance natural beauty by providing high-quality ingredients and a diverse colour range for their expanding Asian market. And I was pleased to discover that the majority of their complexion products, from concealers and BB cream to foundations and finishing powders, have SPF!

Moreover, the cream cheek blushes are a personal favourite of mine! The dewy, healthy glow is created by the creamy, gel-like composition that mixes easily into the skin. Because they’re so pigmented, a little goes a long way! It comes in a little package that fits comfortably in your handbag and may be applied with your fingertips throughout the day.

8. NatureLab TOKYO

Time-honoured Japanese beauty practises are combined with high-performance chemicals. Rosa Tagaki, the founder of NatureLab TOKYO, has designed an easy-to-use range of fantastic hair care to nourish the scalp and promote healthy development. Additionally, this mane-changing collection uses nutrient-rich plant stem cells to improve follicular health and alter your tresses, much like skincare for your hair. It also includes plant-derived activities that strengthen, repair, and stimulate your hair to reach its full potential.