Kiehl’s has unveiled its latest limited edition collection which features exclusive packaging designed by renowned illustrator, Shan Jiang.

This fifth annual Lunar New Year partnership sees the transformation of Kiehl’s best selling products such as Ultra Facial Cream (RM139), Calendula Toner (RM170) and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask (RM149).

According to Shan Jiang, three things that inspired him when creating the Year of the Rabbit campaign with Kiehl’s are the rabbit as an animal, the traditional story, and the culture of Kiehl’s. “I started my design journey by studying the rabbit, how they jump and move, their body structure, their habits, what they like and how they make friends. I wanted to build my cognition of the animal to create a unique image. The second inspiration was the traditional story. Since I am Chinese, I have heard many stories about cute little characters from folklores, myths, fiction, and children’s books. The rabbit has always been an icon within our culture.”

“The third source is the culture of Kiehl’s. It was the most important thing to think about when I started this project. Kiehl’s, as a brand, has an extremely rich heritage. I feel my task was to incorporate this and blend it with my character designs. Personally, I have been a Kiehl’s customer for many years. I feel that the brand represents professionalism in skincare; they lead with a blend of history and expertise. That’s the reason the brand has some quirkiness in it. For me, it means an attitude that shows craftsmanship against mass productive commercial goods. Combining these three points, I started to form an image in my head. I began to draw a rabbit for Kiehl’s Year of the Rabbit campaign” he added.

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