Kylie Jenner Debuts Her Stormi- Inspired Collection And It Is Just Magical!

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In case you missed it, Kylie has dropped her long-awaited makeup collection that is completely inspired by her daughter Stormi Webster. We know, it is hard to keep up with Miss Jenner’s ever-changing makeup line, where she has sort of launched new products up on a weekly basis and sometimes even more. 

The Stormi Collection dropped in truly Kylie trademark style and we gotta admit it is simply ardent and looks as though it straight came out a fairyland. Ahead of the collection’s launch, Kylie shared a glimpse of the products in the collection via her Instagram Stories like how she does with all her products.

The young billionaire said this is the most special collection to date and everything is mini-sized noting that her daughter is just turning two! She went on adding that she has been waiting for this moment since the day she got pregnant.  She also shared the first promo photos and video clips from the campaign on Instagram and it is all just so MAGICAL!!!

That being said, the 22-year-old makeup mogul even got her nails done ahead of the mega launch. How cute is that? Like even her nails are now Stormi ready ahead of her highly anticipated Kylie Cosmetics Stormi Collection launch on the 1st February 2020, which is also her baby Stormi 2nd birthday!

Everything You Need To Know About The Kylie’s Stormi Collection.

In a video she shared ahead of the launch on her Instagram, both the beautiful mother and daughter are seen in an adorably matchy-matchy sheer neutral dress with flower petals falling from the sky. In an accompanying photograph, Jenner cradles Stormi, who looks divine and angelic.

The whole collection is pastel themed as you can see from the purple lavender coloured packaging with glittery golds to soft pinks butterfly motifs. Stormi’s name is also featured big and bold in purple glittery letters on all the products. Butterflies are pretty close to Kylie as she has once said her daughter’s name was inspired by the ‘Butterfly Effect’ theory.

Since the collection is launching close to Valentines Day,  each of the product from the Stormi Collection has To” and “From” labels on the back so you can gift it to your loved ones on close to the celebration of love. On top of all that, the new Stormi x Kylie collection is the first launch of the year and Kylie stated there are more big moves for the brand in 2020.

Now Let’s Look At Each Of The Stormi- Inspired Products Closely.

Based on a series of photos and videos the reality TV star shared on her Instagram Story, Kylie X Stormi Collection features three new Lip Kits, which is arguably led to the popularity of her cosmetics line. The collection also features an eyeshadow palette, a blush, and a miniature lip gloss set.

1. Kylie X Stormi Eyeshadow Palette

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Each of the shade from the Stormi palette looks is super pretty and named aptly as well. The palette has nine colours, including four shimmery shades and five that appear to be more matte.

The gold, glittery shade in the middle of the palette is named as “Stormi Weather,” which is a cheeky smart play on the name of her daughter and muse for the collection. And the shade 4:43 is named after the time that Stormi was born. How cute is that?!

2. Kylie X Stormi Lip Gloss Set

Jenner then shared a closer look at the lip gloss set, which contains six miniature tubes of lip colour of various shades. 

kylie cosmetics stormi

Kylie said “This gives you the best natural tint on your lips,” She also added the set’s cherry-coloured lip gloss, which can be seen toward the bottom of the picture, is her current favourite lip gloss!

3. Kylie X Stormi Lip Kit Sets

We gotta say, the lip colours are our favourite item in the entire collection! Kylie always nails her lip kits and these ones aren’t any different! 

kylie cosmetics stormi

The Stormi-inspired Lip Kits include a long-lasting lip colour and lip liner, and they’ll be available in three shades named “Give Me Butterflies,” “Stormi,” and “Head in the Clouds.” Jenner showed a sample of each colour by testing them on her wrist.

4. Kylie X Stormi Blush

kylie jenner stormi makeup collection

The magical collection also includes a blush in a sweet dusty-rose colour, named ‘Flutter In Love’. Based on the picture, the blush looks like it a subtle shimmer to it and would give a very natural soft finish. Can’t judge without getting our hands on em, tho!

Who Is Ready For Kylie X Stormi Collection Launch?

If we’ve learned anything from Kylie’s previous makeup launches, is that her products sell out fast really fast! The report says, her Christmas collection sold out in just 20 minutes after launching so be sure to set a reminder for the launch on the 1 February. 

All the products will be available on only. The prices for the products are still not announced yet, and we will update you guys once the official details are out! We will also go a review post once the collection is out, so do stay close for all the latest updates!

*All images are taken from Kylie Jenner’s and Kylie Cosmetics’ official Instagram page.