Lash extension, lash lift and lash tint

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Lash extensions are getting popular, as witnessed by the mushrooming of shops offering the service. Other lash related services include lash lift (which is basically a perm for eyelashes) and lash tint (colour).

With the on-going no-makeup makeup trend, the idea that your lashes are “made-up” the minute you open your eyes in the morning appeals to some. While the lashes flutter during the period the treatments last, much care and don’ts are required to adhere to. These involve after-care, keeping them clean with regular brushing, avoiding oil-based make-up removers, and not to rub or pick at them.

Points to be aware of

Given the lash treatments are relatively new, many are not sure of its long term effects. There are a few pointers that should be considered before deciding to try the lash extension, lash lift or lash tint procedures: 

  • Reaction to the solutions used. Possible allergic reactions include redness, irritation itchy, skin irritation, dry eyes, rash, watery eyes and inflammation. Reactions could be due to the solutions they use for the treatments, such as the glue for the lash extensions, the perm solutions used for the eye lift, and the colour dye for the lash tint.
  • Chemicals in the solution. These eye treatments are not regulated by the American FDA and solutions used are not FDA approved. Take care to find out if the adhesive used contains formaldehyde, as it is a common contact allergen. Ammonium in wave solutions could be harmful to eyes on contact. Check if coal tar is present in the dye as coal tar is another contact allergen.
  • The health of the hair follicles. Removal of lash extensions should be professionally done or let them fall out naturally. Otherwise, damage may be done to the eyelash follicle. Furthermore, the excessive weight placed on the hair shaft if the fibre is too long or multiple fibres are glued on an eyelash could weaken or even damage the hair follicle, which may affect re-growth.
  • Infections. The place and pieces of equipment should be clean and sanitary, and the technician to be aware of hygiene so as not to introduce bacteria and infections to the eye. For the lash extensions, the extensions can trap dirt and bacteria, thereby increasing the chances of infection. Hence, it is important to keep the lash extension brushed.
  • Sensitive. The eyes and the skin around the eyes (which is thin) can be sensitive. Check with an eye doctor on the suitability of these treatments for your eyes, on conditions such as dry eyes syndrome or other conditions deemed not suitable.
  • Find an experienced technician, given the delicate nature of the eyes.

Lash Extensions

female getting eyelash extension

During the process of lash extensions, each individual fibre is attached to a natural eyelash with a special adhesive. There’s an element of customization here, where the client could choose the look of her lashes by choosing from:

  • The type of fibres, they could be mink, silk or synthetic which differ in thickness
  • The type of curl
  • The length, the range could be between 6mm to 18mm
  • The density

The volume of the lash would increase with cluster or 3D extensions, where more than one fibre is attached to a natural lash. However, the extra weight of extra lashes could weight down and place unnecessary burden on your existing eye lash.

Lash extension lasts about 6 – 8 weeks, each fibre will fall out as the natural lash falls out.

Lash Lift

Lash lift is a form of cold perm for your eye lash. Different sized curl on the silicone pad gives rise to different looks. The technician cleans and separates your lower and upper lashes. The silicone shield is glued to your eyelid. The upper lashes are glued to the curl on the silicone shield and the eye-wave solution is applied. The solution softens the bond of the hair. A neutralizer solution re-hardens the natural bonds of the hair.

Lash lift lasts about 6-8 weeks.

Lash Tint

Lash tint colours the natural lash for added effect. An eye-lash dye is applied. A darker colour for a full effect is a popular choice though colourful tints are available.

Lash tint lasts about a month.