Take an exploratory journey to where life begins with the Libresse Wonders of the Womb (WoW) campaign. Central to the campaign is the launch of a one-of-a-kind Wonders of the Womb: A Virtual Discovery interactive experience via the Libresse® Wonders of the Womb campaign microsite at https://libressemy.com/wow/.

With the Libresse Wonders of the Womb campaign, it opens the door for women to take a deep dive into their reproductive system and learn more about the gift of womanhood. The womb, – where life begins – is stronger than most women realise – in fact it’s the strongest muscle in a woman’s body and has an ability to expand up to 1000 times its original size in order to support a growing foetus, and thereafter revert to its original size. And it does this every time a woman bears a child. 

“Even in these modern times, there remains low understanding about V-Zone health. Our consumer research indicates that two in three women find it difficult to ask questions or talk openly about the topic,” said Cheryl Wang, Marketing Manager, Feminine Care, Vinda Malaysia. “This clearly shows that there’s still a lot to do to bridge the information gap in V-Zone knowledge.”

“As a brand leader in the area of feminine hygiene, we will continue to level up on our commitment to support women on their journey of discovery of the V-Zone. Ultimately, we aim to build an environment where women are not discouraged from learning about their V-Zone and are instead empowered to live the life they want without shame and self-doubt.” 

Adding to this, Dr Patricia Lim Su-Lyn, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, said “V-Zone knowledge and empowerment comes hand in hand. Many young women have questions they are afraid to ask, therefore don’t know how to better care for their V-Zone, or even recognise signs that something is wrong and seek medical advice.” 

Other initiatives include retail promotions, a series of on-ground initiatives in malls, universities and other locations via roving mobile trucks nationwide, and a collaboration with advocates of the pro-social movement Peduli Merah which is dedicated to addressing period poverty, all to deepen awareness and normalise conversations on a woman’s V-Zone and menstrual health.  

“From puberty with the onset of menstruation to other milestones of womanhood such as fertility, childbearing, and menopause, women do have long-term and more frequent reproductive healthcare needs than men. Thus, being empowered to care for and protect the V-Zone and stay healthy is crucial.” 

Take the first steps of the journey with Libresse® Wonders of the Womb: A Virtual Discovery interactive tool at https://libressemy.com/wow/ to explore a 3D virtual model of the womb and find out interesting facts about this important reproductive organ.

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