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Looking for a Painless Brazilian Wax Treatment

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Whether it is for a beach holiday or just a desire for a “clean” feel, getting a Brazilian wax can be a painful experience, especially for beginners. It is, after all, a highly sensitive area. It is therefore imperative to find a good wax salon to limit pain and anxiety.

To reduce pain and anxiety levels, and to make the trip pleasant, look for the following important factors in a waxing salon:

1. Technician skills and training of the practitioner

The more experienced and well trained the practitioner, the less chance the customer will end up in tears.  If they are very good, the experience is painless or close to it.  However, if a wax salon has a high technician turnover rate and keeps getting technicians trained from other places, the salon will have less control over the consistency of service. This should raise a red flag.

2. Type of wax and quality of wax

Some wax salons’ treatments may make you feel little pain and attribute it to their wax.  This could be because the wax only removes the unwanted surface hair and not removed hair from the roots.  So the customer may feel good immediately after the ‘minimal pain’ waxing session, but during the re-growth stage, there may be more incidences of in-growth hair and the hair is thicker.  The types of wax will be explored in the later sections of this article.

3. Hygiene

Hygiene is important. The spatula or wooden sticks to apply the wax should not double dip for hygiene reasons.  If the customer is already halfway through the treatment before realizing the ‘double dipping’, it is a little late. As it may mean they have been ‘double dipped’ before your appointment!
Some wax salons still give you economic wet wipes that come in a big pack that customers dig in to get the wipes, instead of individually wrapped wet wipes.  

4. Other factors

Other factors to take under consideration for a waxing salon includes ambience of the salon, the mood set by music and customer service.

Soft Wax vs Hard Wax

Both soft and hard wax requires a wooden spatula to apply.  Soft wax requires pieces of fabric to help remove unwanted hairs and hard wax do not require such assistance.  Soft wax is cheaper than hard wax and thus very popular with many salons. Hard wax works particularly well with coarse hairs. Soft wax is suitable for finer hairs in a large spread of areas such as legs and hands and more sensitive areas such as underarms and the private parts. Thus for Bazillion wax, using a combination of soft and hard wax is more ideal as the inner sensitive part will require more care and the bikini and front area will require wax with more strength. 

Buluu Wax

six types of Cirépil wax

Buluu Wax may not be a big chain wax salon but they are the distributor of Cirépil wax.  In their retail treatment shop, they continuously heat up all 6 different waxes for treatments.  Buluu Wax salons utilize different types of waxes as per the requirement of the treatments and without asking the customers to choose which wax to use. The practitioner will make a judgement call and use any of the waxes that will give the most effective treatment.  Using a combination of waxes, some for strength and some for the more sensitive areas will help reduce pain for Brazilian wax treatments. Buluu Wax treatments are not the cheapest in town but the pain is more bearable than the others. In comparison, other salons use only one type of wax, while others offer a choice of soft and hard wax. Hard wax poses a predicament for the more sensitive areas. 

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