magnetic eyelashes with tool

Magnetic Eyelashes – a no-glue option to false lashes

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Relatively new to the market, the magnetic eyelashes are certainly raising eyebrows!

A full set of fluttering eyelashes is attractive and alluring. It also helps to accentuate the no-makeup makeup look. Mascaras help to thicken your lashes and even lengthen it slightly and curlers give a nice curl. For ladies with short, stubby and scarce natural lashes, solutions include false eyelashes – a glue-on option and eyelash extensions.  

Magnetic eyelash is another option, often seen as an alternative to the traditional false lashes sans the messy glue!

What Are They?

a box of two pairs of magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes are strip eyelashes. You will find 4 strips of eyelashes in a box, 2 strips for each eye.

For the traditional false eyelashes, the spine of the eyelash is the part where you glue to your eyelids. Here, the spine of the magnetic eyelashes has tiny magnets.  

The box or instructions will indicate which of the magnetic eyelashes is meant for the top. This piece will go over your natural eyelash. Place it as close to your eyelash line as possible. The bottom piece goes under your eyelash. The two parts click together and your natural eyelash effectively sandwiched between your pair of magnetic eyelashes.

It sounds easy but to master installing them requires practice and patience. You could try using a magnetic eyelash applicator tool, but many find it easier to position and secure them by using cleaned fingers. 

Put on some eyeliner before using the magnetic eyelashes to visually soften and blend the spine of the magnetic eyelashes. Mascara is an option but some find wearing mascara helps to hold the magnetic eyelashes better. 

Avoid damaging your eyelashes by pulling them. To remove them, use your thumb and forefinger to slide the magnetic strips apart.


  • Glue not required! Therefore, this avoids the messy and potential allergies to any ingredients in the glue.
  • Reusable
  • Easy application once you have mastered the technique.
  • Removing is easy once you have mastered the technique.
  • No glue residue to worry about, unlike the traditional false lashes.


  • Those with sensitive eyes may be allergic to certain types of metal used.
  • With 2 eyelash strips, they are bulkier than traditional false eyelashes.
  • May not look as natural as the traditional false lashes, as materials required to make them may be more stiff and harder.
  • Traditional eyelashes are glued near to the eyelash line on the eyelids and follow the natural curve. It may be difficult to click the top and bottom pieces of your magnetic eyelashes close in line with your eyelash line throughout, especially the inner and outer corner. 
  • The technique is difficult to master.
  • Placing a weight on your natural eyelashes.