As Malaysians, we love supporting local businesses- big or small, we love them all! To be specific, the beauty industry in Malaysia that consists of cosmetics and skincare is slowly making waves not just locally but on an international scale too. As your Beauty BFF, it would be criminal of us to not keep you in trend of Malaysian beauty brands that you need to check out!

Moreover, what’s great about local brands is that they are designed and catered with Asians in mind and the diversity that comes with us. This allows us to find wide ranges of cosmetic shades that suit us flawlessly. Besides that, skincare brands can formulate the products with the knowledge of Asian climates and more.

There are a plethora of reasons to support local businesses in fact, we encourage it! Forget well-known brands for a moment and let Beauty Insider put a spotlight on these Malaysian beauty brands. The selection of brands below was chosen by our editors and even a few of our reader’s picks!

1. The Flash Liner

Let’s all agree, the eyeliner step during a makeup routine is the one to fully complete your look. However, it is also the one step that many (including us) mess up. That’s where The Flash Liner comes in to save our day. They are truly the experts of producing innovative products to ensure that you walk out your door with an eye makeup look that will definitely turn heads.

They are equipped with a complete set of eye makeup products from an eyeliner that only takes 7 seconds to do to an eyeliner that makes applying lashes hassle-free. We were given the opportunity to try out their adhesive eyeliner and it completely blew our minds at how easy yet effective it was. They are definitely a brand to look out for!

2. Shero Beauty

We’re all probably familiar with the struggle of waxing, plucking and epilating unwanted body hair. Not only is it, painful, it’s also an anxiety-inducing and temporary solution! There has been an uprise in hair removal trends in recent years, which has allowed Shero Beauty to opt for a long-lasting, cost-effective and painless method to slow down body hair growth and eventually stopping them from growing for a long period of time! 

That’s where the Shero ICE C-IPL Permanent Hair Removal Handset comes in! Imagine getting a salon IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal treatment, but privately, and in the comforts of your own home! Shero Beauty is the go-to brand for IPL hair removal treatments because not only do they educate consumers, they are also dedicated to finding new solutions for their users! Constantly offering fun and creative insights and tips, the Shero ICE is unique as it cancels out the painful “rubber band snapping” sensation normal IPL handsets give when used on a higher setting, with its cooling feature. So, say goodbye to waxing and join the #sherojourney to see visible hair removal results in just 6 weeks!

3. Snazzy Cosmetics

Next on our list of amazing Malaysian beauty brands that you NEED to know about is none other than Snazzy Cosmetic. They share the same mission as us to uplift local beauty brands- but add a little flavour to it. This brand puts out creative, innovative and whimsical beauty essentials like no other while being high-performing.

They gave us a go at their Gem Sponge which is a fusion beauty blender that has different textures and multiple edges to be the ultimate beauty tool. It blended foundation, concealer, contour and more incredibly well. The brand also strives to be eco-friendly and cruelty-free within their ingredients and materials used- which is always a big plus to us!

4. Skind

When people talk about body care products, they often think of lotions and body scrub but completely neglect how important our deodorants are. Thus, introducing Skind that has made it their mission to show how important deodorants are especially their clean and healthy ones.

They specialise in plant-based formulas that even their packaging is biodegradable to soothe our growing clean-conscious society. Their deodorants are free from artificial fragrances and alcohol while being ultra-moisturising with odour-diminishing powers.

5. LLORA Bath & Body

Next on our list of amazing Malaysian beauty brands on our radar is LLORA Bath & Body who have set out on a mission to encourage everyone on the importance of body care. They offer a wide variety of products from lip balms to body scrubs in unique and fun flavours/scents.

“Our vision is to be recognized as the first local Lip Balm brand/specialist in Malaysia. There are many articles popped up when we google about “best lip balms in Malaysia”, but sadly not even one in the list is local/Malaysian. Therefore, we decided to aim high and strive to be included in all of the related articles by 2021. We plan on launching more unique flavours such as Teh TarikAis Bandung and many more. Our Lippiestix lip balms are lab-tested, cruelty-free, sensitive-skin friendly and halal/Muslim friendly.”

We were given an exclusive look of the new launch of their Lippiestix Lip Balms (we may or may not have licked once or twice their Marmalade Brownie). It’s easy to bring around and ultra-nourishing too! To add, the soft tint of the lip balms makes it perfect when you want to add a little colour to your look.

6. Organic Touch Malaysia

One of our beauty journalists brought attention to this brand at how inspiring their story is. Many of us dream to turn a hobby into a career and that’s exactly how Organic Touch Malaysia started. This local brand creates homemade beauty brands which are fall natural and crafted with love.

They have a plethora of products that range from body care, skincare and even wellness with delicious and soothing teas. The products are all well produced and packaged nicely for those aesthetically pleasing Instagram shots (hehe). Therefore, if you haven’t discovered Organic Touch Malaysia before this, you’re in for a treat!

7. Glow And Blush

Next on our list of amazing Malaysian beauty brands to keep a lookout for is Glow And Blush! Established in 2019, they are a skincare brand that has an amazing range of products to select from. Each of their products is handcrafted with natural ingredients, believing in the power of nature. They keep their stock in quantities, this is because they make batches fresh each week to maintain the quality of their products.

This cruelty-free brand is strong in their values of being free of synthetics and harsh chemicals which is always a big plus in our ingredient-conscious society. The range they offer from serums to lip treatments and body care too- it’ll be hard to not get everything. Now go get glowing, beautiful!


If you’re a lipstick junkie like us, then you’ll absolutely fall head over heels for IFXCOSMETICS. The founder, Ifa Razak, made it a mission to deliver products that will suit each skin tone- no exceptions. Formulation is key, they prioritised this to provide lightweight and buildable cosmetics while ensuring a comfortable experience along with it.

Moreover, the packaging they use is incredibly pleasing so Instagram should be ready to have you show them off with your new bold looks. Not only will they revamp your appearance, but their products are sure to not burn a hole in your pocket too!

9. Velvet Vanity Cosmetics

Made with love, that is what most of us want in our beauty products- we think it makes them more effective that way. Velvet Vanity ensures that their products are cruelty-free, vegan friendly and stuffed to the brim with love. Started in 2016, their philosophy is to create quality makeup products at an affordable price point.

They have a wide range of categories from lip products and even eye makeup too. Their style is to create efficient products that we can all easily bring around during our busy day, a quick reach whenever we need a touch-up.

10. The Mineraw

Sometimes, less is more. Most skincare these days are just packed with a handful of ingredients that could bring more harm than good. This is why we absolutely adore The Mineraw and their products especially their renown Glow Serum Face Oil. The brand truly embraces natural raw ingredients and trusting the benefits that come with them.

Additionally, their values and philosophy are reflected in their products as they are committed to providing them based on natural simplicity and effectiveness. Definitely keep this brand on your radar because we are excited with what they’ll come up with next.

11. Kamelia Cosmetics

How could we write about local brands and not mention the rising star brand, Kamelia Cosmetics! Established in 2017, the brand was founded by Kamelia Nisha, who herself has been a makeup lover since she was young. This projected her to create her own line of cosmetics, by turning a part-time hobby into a growing empire.

To add, the variety of their products is enough to give you a full face of makeup from lipsticks to cheek enhancers. If you’re a mermaid fan, you’re in luck because this brand’s theme surrounds all things mermaid too!

12. Mia.Jane

Let’s be real, products that are jammed packed with hydrating ingredients are what skin desperately wants. Thus, when you take a look at products from Mia.Jane you’ll instantly fall in love- don’t say we didn’t warn you!

This brand is built on its values of producing premium-quality products that are backed by cutting-edge science and in-depth research. The formulas they use are plant-based to suit all skin types and become a solution to every skin concern. You definitely don’t want to miss this uprising brand!

13. Skinned Co Lock and Stay Rice Serum

Looking for something to beat the humid weather? The Lock and Stay Rice Serum by Skinned is the one! Being 100% fragrance-free, this plant-based serum is also packed with skincare vitamins and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Thus, it will be able to help your skin achieve a complexion that looks evenly toned, brighter, and hydrated.

The Rice Serum has a texture that is lightweight and helps cater to dehydrated and oily skin. This serum absorbs into your skin and doesn’t leave a sticky residue at all! It is also suitable for sensitive skin and other skin types. Its formula includes hydrating and reparative ingredients such as green tea extract, rice extract, grapeseed extract and ceramides. Therefore, it can help repair your skin’s moisture barrier.

14. Hush Little Jane

Another one of our favourite Malaysian beauty brands to check out, we introduce a recent favourite of ours. Beauty is all about embracing yourself with love and acceptance which is why self-care is just as important. Take the time from your busy lifestyle and give yourself a moment of self-love with Hush Little Jane. They offer an array of products from cold-pressed soaps, scrubs and more.

The brand uses all-natural ingredients and handcrafts the products in small batches to give you the highest quality. With that, for your next me-time, bring it on another level by including their bath soaks and bath bombs too!

15. Vase Creations

Next up on our list of favourite Malaysian beauty brands is clean beauty advocate Vase Creations! In addition to their signature all-natural lipsticks that come in 9 gorgeous shades, we also highly recommend that you check out their newest Crème Brûlée Luxe Lip Glosses and Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist!

Believe us when we tell you that these their Crème Brûlée lip glosses smell good enough to eat! Plus, they come in 3 different Parisian-themed shades that looks amazing on all skin tones. Inspired by the Netflix series Emily in Paris, these Luxe Lip Glosses are great for plumping up the lips and we love their lightweight non-sticky formula. Because they contain a healing blend of plant oils like squalane, castor, jojoba and Vitamin E oils, they can even double up as an overnight lip treatment! Moreover, their Organic Stress Relief Pillow Mist is the ultimate bedtime companion for a restful night’s sleep.

16. Nuzzle Nails

We’ve all been there, the moment when we’ve had our nails done for a few days and would like to switch it up but could not be bothered to bring out the nail polish removers. Therefore, Nuzzle Nails is what you need! The brand provides a fun and easy way of switching nail polish colours and styles.

The nail polishes themselves glide so well against your nails and incredibly to peel off. They come in a wide range of colours to choose from so the ideas for designing your nail art is truly endless. Moreover, opting to peel off nail polishes is safer for your nails and are less damaging too.

Author: Nina Shahriman | Date: 8th January 2021