Do you suffer from acne bumps and oily skin? Well, it is not an overstatement to say that facial acne pretty much reign our life. Whether you’re still a teen or an adult, deep-inflamed zit is definitely not fun! Added with the constant need to wear a facial mask whenever we are outside, maskne is literally our new BFF. Luckily, we’re not alone in this journey as maksne is a common skin issue that most of us experience at some point. Regardless of the underlying factors that contribute to your skin issues, having a good skincare routine is essential. We know that majority of you Beauties rummage through your skincare products with the hope to find the ultimate solution. Well, fret not because with the newly launched Mentholatum Acnes range you can kiss goodbye to those skin concerns for real! Honestly, we managed to get our hands on these products and they are definitely superb!

Mentholatum Acnes Range

Developed by Rohto-Pharmaceutical, Mentholatum Acnes Range comprises four products namely Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash, Acnes Powder Lotion, Acnes Oil-Control Moisturiser, as well as Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel for spot-treatment. These products are loaded with 95% of Centella Asiatica extract which is sourced from Madagascar. This collection is specifically formulated to keep acne-prone skin at bay by treating and soothing the blemish.

Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash


Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash is a soap-free facial cleanser that is loaded with essential ingredients including avocado extract, vitamin C, vitamin E and salicylic acid. It gently cleanses the skin from excess sebum, impurities and dirt, leaving them looking clearer. Unlike other facial cleansers, it is doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils and ideal for those who suffer from sensitive acne-prone skin. Enhanced with salicylic acid which is a type of BHA, it helps to unclog the pores and prevent acne from recurring. Whereas, the avocado extract is added to the formulation for its soothing properties. The powerful combination of vitamin C and vitamin E function to revive dull skin and fortify the skin’s protective barrier layer.

Why we love it:

  • Gentle formulation
  • Helps to lighten acne scars
  • Regulate excess sebum
  • Deep cleanse

Price: RM19.90

Where to buy: Watsons

Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion


Next, the Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion is expertly formulated to regulate excess sebum and treat acne. It is enriched with mineral powder which effectively absorbs excess oils and minimizes the appearance of pores. On top of that, this lotion is packed with aloe vera extract for its hydrating properties. Additionally, it also works wonders to prevent the skin from dryness. The Mentholatum Acnes Powder Lotion is the ultimate product that penetrates deeply into the skin to treat and prevent acne.

Why we love it:

  • Helps to absorb excess sebum
  • Shrinks the pores
  • Treat and prevent acne
  • Purifies the skin

Price: RM19.90

Where to buy: Watsons

Mentholatum Acnes Oil Control Moisturiser


Mentholatum Acnes Oil Control Moisturiser is loaded with a concoction of botanical extracts such as bitter cherry, chamomile, aloe vera, seaweed and apple. With just one application, it absorbs easily into the skin, leaving your skin feeling refresh and moisturize. It delivers cooling and calming sensations that magically soothe acne inflammation as well as redness. This moisturizer helps to gently slough off dead skin cells and boost your skin’s elasticity.

Why we love it:

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Helps to plump up the skin
  • Softens the skin

Price: RM29.90

Where to buy: Watsons

Mentholatum Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel


No acne range product is complete without the spot treatment! The Mentholatum Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel is loaded with highly effective ingredients that can banish any type of acne easily. Infused with 2% of sulphur and salicylic acid, this spot treatment helps to prevent recurring acne, regulate excess oil and unclog the pores. Furthermore, it is also packed with Licorice extract and vitamin E which is proven to soothe inflame acne instantly. Just dab and you’re good to go!

Why we love it:

  • High quality ingredients
  • Prevents recurring acne
  • Unclog the pores
  • Soothe inflammation and redness instantly

Price: RM21.90

Where to buy: Watsons

How to use the Mentholatum Acnes Range

In order to maximise the effectiveness, it is significant that you apply this skincare range in the right way. So, once you managed to get your hands on these wonderful products, make sure to follow these easy steps!

  1. Squeeze a suitable amount of the Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash on wet palms. Then, lather it before gently massage your face and rinse it away with water
  2. Take the Powder Lotion, you can either pat it using your palms or cotton pads. Regardless of your preference, make sure to shake the bottle before using it
  3. Pump a few drops of the Oil-Control Moisturiser and apply it all over your face. Gently massage your face until the product is completely absorbed into the skin
  4. You can simply apply the Mentholatum Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel on the affected areas about three times per day. This product can also be applied before makeup

The Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash, Powder Lotion and Oil-Control Moisturiser are ideal for day and night skincare routine.

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