The battle against acne is a tough and often long fight. It all begins with choosing the right skincare. Many of us have gone through all that acne products on the racks at stores and still have yet to see any improvement. Sometimes, we even see our skin getting worse particularly for those that have a sensitive skin type. So what can we do? Well, lucky for you we’ve found Mentholatum Acnes Whitening Mild Cleanser!

Mentholatum Acnes

Acnes, Japan’s No. 1 acne care , is a brand created by Rohto-Pharmaceutical, a worldwide pharmaceutical corporation with a long and successful history of over 120 years. They are respected professionals in the development of skincare products and with hefty experience in pharmaceutical technology. 

Acnes is a line of products that uses a combination of  natural and effective anti-acne ingredients  to combat acne and oily skin problems while also offering gentle skin care for all. Acnes’ large variety of skincare products has undergone considerable research and development over the years. This is to ensure only the greatest product quality is supplied to their beloved customers. 

Acnes Whitening Mild Cleanser

As the name suggests, the Whitening Mild Cleanser is a mild and gentle cleanser that has Amino Acid as its star ingredient. It has a formula that is soap free with a pH level close to the natural skin’s pH level. 

Designed to target Acne and control oil production of the skin, the ingredient list includes salicylic acid which is a popular acne-fighting ingredient capable of unclogging your pores. On top of that the ingredient list also includes more that 95% pure Centella Asiatica Extract which comes in to assist to repair your skin from blemishes and acne while soothing any irritation. 

Watch your skin get brighter as you say farewell to dull skin. With Vitamin C, your skin barrier will strengthen, and brighten due to the potent antioxidant. If you have sensitive skin, you don’t have to worry when picking up the Acnes Whitening Mild Cleanser as it is free from 7 different irritants including Soap, SLS, SLES, Fragrance, Alcohol, Paraben, Colourants, and Silicone.

Use twice daily to see the amazing results from this mild and gentle cleanser from Acnes.

Purchase Acnes Whitening Mild Cleanser 

Get your hands on the Acnes Whitening Mild Cleanser for RM20.90 at Watsons Malaysia, and Shopee where it is sold exclusively. Stay updated by following Acnes on Facebook, where you can get all the latest updates and news.