These days, lip balms have become everyone’s essentials—especially for us Malaysians who have to deal with hot sunny weather all year long. And no matter how many glasses of water we chug in a day, we just can’t run away from the oblivious chapped and dry looking lips. 

If we’re speaking facts, sometimes we have to take the blame ourselves. We’re so obsessed with the idea of moisturising, hydrating and layering up half the perimeter of the face that we neglect the most important part which is our lips. So besides drinking gallons of water everyday, we suggest you invest in trustable lip balms to treat those delicate areas. Something that is gentle enough for your lips, but provides total hydration and can seal moisture back onto those pouts. 

Just like Mentholethum’s Lip Ice Magic Colour Collection. A promising lip balm that’ll help to moisturise and hydrate chapped lips. Available in 3 different tinted shades and 4 different flavours that offer colour-changing benefits after application. Wah! They also provide up to 10 hours total protection, and are jam-packed with skin-boosting ingredients including the powerful Beeswax, Shea Butter and Macadamia Oil. Just like what your dry lips needed. Checkout Beauty Insider’s review of Mentholatum’s Lip Ice Magic Colour. 

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Get To Know Mentholatum’s Lip Ice

LipIce is a fashionable, fun and trendy lip balm range operating under Mentholatum’s lip care series. Lip Ice was created to suit everyone, any gender, for any occasion, no matter the lifestyle. All of its products contain skin-boosting ingredients that can help keep your lips looking healthy, soft and moisturised. Whether you are looking for a unique colour changeable lip balm, fruity lip balms or even tinted lip balms, Lip Ice offers all of it in slim tubs perfect for keeping in your purse. What’s more, LipIce products are all made with natural ingredients only, thus, making their formulas are free from any harmful chemicals. 

The Ingredients

As mentioned above, Mentholatum’s Lip Ice Magic Color is all about looking after your lips’ health. Thus, they only use the best and safest ingredients in their products. All those powerful elements like Beeswax, Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and White Flower are all known to smoothen out your pout, providing total hydration and moisture all day long. If that all wasn’t enough, Mentholatum’s Lip Ice Magic Color is also infused with Vitamin E, to ensure your lips are all protected from unwanted fouly environment. The antioxidants provided by Vitamin E extract also allow your lips to appear more youthful than before. So no more saggy and wrinkly looking lips. 

The Colours

Hear us out, this Lip Ice Magic Colour not only helps to make your pout appear plumpier than ever, but they can change colours according to your body temperature! So do not get disinterested when you first see the colourless stick. They can come out in different shades, depending on your natural lip colours. So if you have natural pink-tone lips and you apply them under old cold temperatures, be prepared to be greeted with a unique set of crystal pink lips. Though, this lip balm does not give out dark and bold-like lip effects, it does help you to achieve that ‘’no makeup, makeup look’’. So if you prefer a more natural look, this Lip Ice Magic is the one for you. And because the bullet stick is totally colourless, they can even serve as a perfect balm to warm up your lips before applying your lipstick. 

The Flavours 

Currently, there are four flavours available; Strawberry flavour, Fragrance-Free, Mixed Berry flavour, and Mild Mint Flavour. All of these flavours are long lasting and do not stain on the mask. That’s another pointer! 

The Packaging

Everything that is pink will surely catch our eyes. All four flavours of Mentholatum’s Lip Ice Magic come in slim, different shades of pink tubes. To be honest, it kind of reminds us of Barbie. So it looks like our kid fantasies come through—we have our own pink lip tube that is convenient to be carried everywhere. They’re very lightweight and compact, making it easy to tug inside our bag. Seriously you can even put them in your pocket. Super cute and sleek. 

Our Verdict 

Guessing by the whole write-up, it is safe to say that we are totally sold by the idea of owning all of these Mentholatum’s Lip Ice Magic products! Seriously, the colour changeable formula that was designed to mimic your body temperature is literally what makes these lip balms stand out from the others. Not to mention the active natural ingredients like Beeswax and Shea Butter that provide up to 10 hours of hydration. You can also expect these lip balms to not leave a mark inside your mask like most lip products do. Thanks to its long-lasting and non sticky texture. They also help to aid those wrinkles around your lips, making our pout appear fresher and younger. So, really, what’s not to love? We’re adding everything to the cart now!

Where To Buy

You can get these Mentholathum’s Lip Ice Magic at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and online platforms including Shopee magic colour Online Sales From | Shopee Mall Malaysia, MY Mentholatum ( and Hermo LipIce Magic Color | Hermo Online Beauty Shop Malaysia at only RM 17.20. 

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