We Need To Talk About Milk Makeup That’s Taking Over The Beauty Community By Storm!

By: Beauty Insider Journalist / August 29, 2021
Categories : Cheek, Eye, Face, Makeup

From their Hydro Grip Primer to their Bronzer Stick, Milk Makeup has made consistent waves on the internet. Thus, we need to talk about them. The stellar brand has consistently blown the beauty community by storm with its high-performing formulas. With so many products instantly becoming cult favourites, we need to make sure you get your hands on the best!

They have garnered an astounding following and there is no makeup essential TikTok that won’t mention the brand. There is something for everyone to love especially if you adore the dewy, glossy look that Milk Makeup are pros at providing. Therefore, Beauty Insider has handpicked the best products to try from Milk Makeup to add to your beauty bag!

Who Is Milk Makeup?

Milk Makeup (milkmakeup) | Official Pinterest account

Milk Makeup delivers cutting-edge innovation to the beauty sector by combining the beauty and editorial expertise of four lifelong friends with product development know-how. Beauty and fashion editor Mazdack Rassi, E! News journalist Zanna Roberts Rassi, creative director Georgie Greville and product developer Dianna Ruth established the cosmetics line. The brand has a cult following thanks to its innovative goods made with high-quality components.

The aim of Milk Makeup is to produce products that everyone will enjoy using. They are firm believers in the notion of “clean beauty,” which means that their products never include parabens, sulphates or mineral oil. The brand is also 100% vegan, which means that none of the products contains honey, beeswax, or gelatin, which are typical cosmetic components.

Best Milk Makeup Products To Try

1. Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick

Lip + Cheek Cream Blush Stick - MILK MAKEUP | Sephora

Milk Makeup’s multi-purpose Mini Lip + Cheek (which acts as half lip tint and part blush) is ideal for those looking for a quick glow. This creamy colour is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, gliding on smoothly and diffusing quickly. Moreover, this comes in five colours and builds up smoothly.

As a result, it allows you to go from low-key to look-at-me drama whenever you choose. Avocado oil, mango butter, and peach nectar are infused with conditioning vitamins, yet no parabens are utilised. The formula moisturises and gives skin a dewy finish.

Why we love it:

  • Provides a glowy finish
  • Great colour payoff

Price: RM100.00

Where to buy: Shopee

2. Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer

Milk Makeup | Hydro Grip Primer | Cult Beauty

The green-tinted liquid Hydro Grip Primer from Milk Makeup contains moisturising, calming, and balancing aloe water, cherry blossom, hyaluronic acid, and B vitamins, as well as a hefty dose of plant-derived oils. Moreover, this primer moisturises skin thoroughly for a silky, blissed-out finish.

Additionally, the game-changing inclusion of blue agave extract creates an unseen coating of grip that lasts all day. Simply allow one minute for the product to soak completely to activate the full grip effect, then apply your make-up as usual to get a perfect and long-lasting appearance.

Why we love it:

  • Grips well on all types of base makeup
  • Has a cooling effect

Price: RM110.00

Where to buy: Shopee

3. Milk Makeup Mini Matte Cream Bronzer Stick

Milk Makeup | Matte Bronzer | Cult Beauty

This bronzer is creamy and blendable, with long-lasting staying power, and is packed with moisturising nutrients like mango butter, peach nectar, and avocado oils to promote healthy, dewy skin. The solution dissolves into the skin on touch, allowing for quick application and effortless contouring and bronzing all with a simple swipe! You’ll seek this on a daily basis thanks to the natural-looking matte finish.

Why we love it:

  • Super easy to blend
  • Melts into the skin to avoid obvious streaks

Price: RM100.00

Where to buy: Shopee

4. Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray

Hydro Grip Setting + Refreshing Spray - MILK MAKEUP | Sephora

Milk Makeup’s Hydro Grip Set + Refresh Spray is an alcohol-free product that acts as a featherweight “seal” between the skin and the elements to set your make-up masterpiece. This invisible shield produces an invisible shield that flexes with your face and over your makeup and is vegan, cruelty-free, and created without anything unnecessarily extra.

Moreover, when shaken, the product activates, including blue agave extract, which works as a makeup magnet. This product also contains dew-boosting hyaluronic acid, soothing aloe, and balancing niacinamide, in addition to hemp-derived cannabis seed extract.

Why we love it:

  • It seals effectively
  • Instantly cooling effect

Price: RM119.00

Where to buy: Shopee

5. Milk Makeup Sunshine Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Review: Milk Makeup - Sunshine Skin Tint Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mocha - WIMJ

Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Skin Tint Wide Spectrum SPF 30 comes in a sleek roller pen and offers weightless light coverage, natural oils for a dewy finish, and coral reef-safe broad-spectrum sunscreen protection. It is easily buildable, yet breathable, with natural-looking light coverage.

Simply press the release button to obtain a continuous flow of product onto the famous glass rollerball that won’t clog or get stuck. Whatever your skin tone, the transparent hues simply dissolve on contact with skin, producing a natural finish.

Why we love it:

  • Great for the no-makeup-makeup look
  • Creates a beautiful dewy finish

Price: RM210.00

Where to buy: Shopee

6. Milk Makeup KUSH High Volumizing Mascara

Milk Makeup | KUSH High Volume Mascara | Cult Beauty

The ground-breaking KUSH High Volume Mascara from Milk Makeup is guaranteed to become your go-to. Milk Makeup replaced beeswax (a typical binding component in mascaras) with plant-derived oils. They nurture the lashes while ensuring that the colour glides on smoothly from root to tip. Additionally, hollow heart-shaped fibres that lock onto each individual lash for amazing, flake-free fullness are also included in this high-tech mascara.

Why we love it:

  • Makes even short lashes appear long and full
  • Long-lasting

Price: RM140.00

Where to buy: Shopee

7. Milk Makeup Flex Concealer

The multi-purpose Glow Oil Lip + Cheek from Milk Makeup is ideal for individuals looking for a quick and easy glow. This wonder product is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and it makes for a delicate wash of sparkling colour. Moreover, it wouldn’t be Milk Makeup if it wasn’t packed with skin-loving ingredients like rice bran oil, which adds antioxidant protection as well as hydration. Moreover, there are no parabens, sulphates or silicones which is always a big plus in our books.

Why we love it:

  • Comes in 4 shades
  • Moisturising and hydrating

Price: RM105.00

Where to buy: Shopee