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Mini Fragrance Sets for variety and change

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We are spoilt with many choices when it comes to fragrance shopping. Some fragrances need careful consideration given its high price tags. We may worry after spending a huge amount on a bottle, whether we would grow tired of the scent halfway through the bottle. Or we may like a few of the scents and could not make up your mind. Fragrances not only reflect us but also at times, it reflects our moods.

A solution to these concerns would be to purchase miniature or mini sized fragrances which usually come in a set. Beauty Insider Malaysia has put together 3 mini perfume sets for you to try. They provide variety and choices, to switch and change as you feel like! Furthermore, they are portable, for travels or keep in the bag for daily touch-ups. They could even serve as entry points to certain brands or perfumes, to slowly discover how we feel about them in the longer run. And they also make a good option as gifts.

Maison Christian Dior Discovery Set (RM700)

discovery set
*Picture from Dior website

New to Dior is the Maison Christian Dior Discovery Set which contains 8 of their popular scents in miniature 7.5ml bottle sizes. The 8 fragrances are unisex with unique scents signed by François Demachy, Dior Perfumer-Creator:

  1. Oud Ispahan
  2. Balade Sauvage
  3. The Cachemire
  4. Gris Dior
  5. Rose Gipsy
  6. Bois D’argent
  7. Ambre Nuit
  8. Sakura

The Maison Christian Dior Discovery Set is available at Christian Dior Paris shop in Pavilion.  

Hermes Compose Your Own set of 4 Travel Size Fragrances (Hermessence) RM600

travel set box of four bottles

The beauty of Hermes’s Set of travel-size fragrances is that you get to choose the scents you want for your box of 4 of 15ml each. A box of fragrances from the general collection (scents you can get outside of the Hermes boutiques such as Un Jardin Sur la Lagune, Voyage d’Hermes, Terre d’Hermes and Eau de Rhubarbe and Twilly) costs RM540 for a box of 4.

A box of travel size fragrances from the Hermessence range, the fragrances are only available from their boutiques, costing RM600 per box. Choices include some memorable floral scents. Depending on availability in the outlets,  choices include:

  • Vétiver Tonka
  • Poivre Samarcande
  • Osmanthe Yunnan
  • Vanille Galante
  • Iris Ukiyoé
  • Agar Ebene
  • Myrrhe Eglantine
  • Rose Ikebana

The Hermes Box of Four Travel Size Fragrances is available from Hermes outlets in KLCC, Pavilion and Mid Valley

Jo Malone Cologne Collection RM375

cologne collection
* Pictures from Jo Malone Website

The Jo Malone Cologne Collection consists of 5 miniatures Jo Malone cologne of 9 ml bottles each. The colognes in the set vary in tones and notes. You can wear them by themselves or even layer them to make the scent uniquely your own. The 5 Jo Malone cologne in the collection are:

  1. Verdant Blackberry & Bay
  2. English Pear & Freesia
  3. Nectarine Blossom & Honey
  4. Pomegranate Noir and our modern classic
  5. Lime Basil & Mandarin
mini cologne collection

The Jo Malone Cologne Set is available at Jo Malone retail shops in Mid Valley and Sunway Pyramid.