Moom Health offers affordable supplement plans designed specifically for the modern Asian lady, and addressing specific needs based on individual wellness goals and body types.

“We want Moom to be about so much more than just another supplement option on the shelf. It’s a platform that women can connect on, find solutions to specific wellness needs, and encourage others in their holistic journeys,” said Mili Kale, Co-founder of Moom.

Moon Health is vegan, all-natural, Halal-friendly, and GMO-free.

Meet Moom Health’s De/Bloat And Sleep/Well

Moom debuted its first functional supplement line, de/bloat and sleep/well. 

These supplements were developed to provide health support for those suffering from gut problems and the inability to fall asleep.

De/bloat, a blend of seven herbs and two fruit-based digestive enzymes, relieves bloating, digestive pain, and indigestion in under 60 minutes by fighting gut bacteria and focusing on naturally soothing digestive tracts.

Sleep/well is a 100% natural blend of herbs, amino acids, and low-dose melatonin that helps people fall asleep, wake up refreshed and stimulate the body to produce more melatonin naturally – for better sleep cycle regulation.

About Mili And Maya Kale

Mili and Maya Kale, Founder of Moom Health

Moom Health was founded in June 2021 by entrepreneurial sisters Mili and Maya Kale to fill a void in the market for natural, holistic remedies after the sisters were frustrated by a lack of options for their personal medical challenges.

Maya was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) at the age of 15, and she fought for years to find an alternative to birth control tablets to manage the severe symptoms. 

Mili was 28 years old when she developed hormonal acne and was prescribed retinoids, which had major side effects.

At Moom, they have a team of advisors running point on formulation, recommendations, and educational content consisting of experts in various health and medical fields, particularly women’s health. 

This enabled Moom to create products that are expert-backed and formulated to target issues at its core with natural, third-party tested, patented, and organic ingredients.

Their products can be purchased on their website, with the intention to expand into physical shops throughout Malaysia in the near future.

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