Movement Dynamics and Voice for Paws Joined For A ‘Paw-sitive’ Cause!

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Last Saturday, thirty-five participants were able to shed off their ‘ruff’ week and spent their afternoon sweating through a 45-minute fitness programme at The Bee, Publika. The fitness event between Movement Dynamics and Voice for Paws was a successful collaboration that joined paw lovers for their first-ever fitness event to raise awareness for the doggos who were up for adoption. Below, Beauty Insider Malaysia has got all the details about the event below.

Who Are The Movement Dynamics and Voice for Paws?

The Movement Dynamics is a team comprising of Kevin Khaandor (Founder) and Lee Yvonne (Managing Director) who began their journey by wanting to create long-lasting and sustainable results for their clients’ body transformation. To achieve this, they tackle the root cause of unhealthy habits and coach their clients step by step in their journey towards better eating and training habits, resulting in fat loss and building muscle.

“We wanted to motivate and encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle while contributing to a great cause at the same time.” said Lee Yvonne.

Voice for Paws (VFP) is a non-profit organisation that rescues, rehabilitates & rehomes strays in Malaysia. The team is passionate about finding homes & helping to manage the stray population here.

“VFP was excited about the collaboration with Movement Dynamics because they recognise the need to stay healthy and fit, considering how they are on their toes either rescuing or working with other like-minded people to help the animals out there. A healthy & balanced lifestyle is vital for the team to keep going and be sustainable so they can help as many strays as they possibly can”, said Sabrinaa Vijayaindran, a representative of Voice for Paws.

What Is The Fitness Event About?

The fitness event between Movement Dynamics and Voice for Paws is an initiative to raise awareness for the dogs who were up for adoption. To provide an extra layer of protection, especially during this period of time, participants were able to redeem Dr Clo’s portable sterilisation devices by donating RM1 or more for VFP.

How to Use the Dr Clo Sterilisation Device?

The easy-to-use Dr Clo Sterilisation Device just requires the user to hold both ends of the sterilisation device and bend it once to break the capsule inside. The indicator will turn yellow within 12-24 hours once activated. It is then mounted at the desired location using the suction holder provided. The device can be used for up to 50 days and then can be replaced with a new one.

  1. Hold the ends of the Sterilisation Device with your hands and bend it once (you can hear a snap sound) to trigger the chemicals of the capsule inside. The indicator on the side will turn yellow within 12-24 hours once it has been activated.
  2. Place it in your desired location by hanging or using the suction holder provided. Each of the labelled devices has different content created for their specific location.
  3. The sterilisation effect lasts up to 50 days and the yellow indicator will turn white to show that the Dr Clo device needs to be replaced.

An innovation from South Korea’s NON-Corporation, the Dr Clo portable sterilisation devices are used to sterilise, sanitise and disinfect viruses and pathogens. It is the only liquid-based Chlorine Dioxide product in the world certified by the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA).

How Can You Support Voice For Paws?

Pretty simple, adopt! Buying dogs and cats from pet shops contribute to the puppy mills and backyard breeding of animals, which would, in turn, see them living under horrific conditions. By opening your homes to give the abused a second chance, you are not just helping them but also doing good deeds to the society. For those interested in adopting, do follow Voice for Paws on Instagram @voice_for_paws for more details.