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My Clarins – Clarins’s skincare for young adults

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Clarins has a new line for young adults – My Clarins. The line utilizes fresh and natural ingredients designed for everyday use for the 18-25-year-olds. They contain fruit, plant, flower and seed extracts, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The products designed to protect the skin against external environmental pollutants and impurities.

Currently, the line consists of 8 products. They are vegan-friendly and super-rich in fruit and plant extracts, organic where possible.

Furthermore, the cardboard for the box packaging derives from sustainable-managed forests. Their packaging favours made from recyclable and recycled materials.


My Clarins foaming cleanser
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The foaming cleanser made with bitter orange flower water, for twice-daily use. It also doubles up as a makeup remover.

Hydrating Mist

hydrating mist
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The Hydrating Mist is for use after cleansing to help prep the skin for other treatments. It is made with coconut water, fig extract, acerola seed extract, robinia pseusoacacia flower extract and rhododendron extract.


re-boost moisturizer
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The Line has 2 moisturizing creams, one for normal skin and the other for oily to combination skins.

Spot Treatment

clear-out spot treatment
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Spot Treatment in a clear gel form to dry and reduce the appearance of acne.

Others in the line

night mask, mattifying stick and micellar milk
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Night Mask – A night treatment or mask, the brand recommends this to be used 1-3 times a week.

Mattifying stick – to mattify the skin and blur pores for a smoother finish. Use as a primer before makeup or by itself.

Micellar Milk – Micellar cleansing milk for the removal of makeup.

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