Beyond the stacked walls of designer bags and premium international apparel, Nadia Nasimuddin is all compassion and love. Lauds from the Nasimuddin dynasty—which owns the largest privately held organisation with a strong presence in a variety of industries including automotive, food and beverage, and hospitality. As a result, it is not surprising that she has matured as a result of her background of affluence and desire. 

Nadia then wasted little time in bringing in two new companies of her own—Dotty’s and Portluxe—that became respectable participants in the sector in order to make her family’s company profitable in the long run. But if that all wasn’t enough, the 35 years old beauty also founded Pop Neutral in 2020. An all-natural body care brand developed to promote a healthy lifestyle and an even better mentality. 

The product line was created by a mother of four herself who made her own formulations while going through four challenging pregnancy experiences. Pop Neutral’s products are manufactured with few ingredients and originated as home remedies, following the ‘less is more’ philosophy. The brand offers everything from body oils and lotions to scrubs, as well as an active body selection for individuals who are always on the go.

Mesmerised by her intelligence and determination in advocating for the clean beauty movement, Beauty Insider reached out to Nadia Nasimuddin to learn more about the brand and her journey undergoing four pregnancies. 

Tell us about how you started Pop Neutral. What was the process of starting the brand like?

During my first pregnancy, like all new mums, I feared getting stretch marks. I searched high and low for products that prevented stretch marks. What I found was most of these brands were using minimal amounts of the effective ingredients that actually prevented stretch marks. So that’s when I researched and started blending my own oil. This is when the idea came to mind. 

I’ve always wanted to launch my oil and body care range after my second pregnancy but I was held back with my third and fourth pregnancy. As soon as I gave birth to Tia, we faced our first MCO. It honestly just fast forwarded everything – it was timely and the POP launch was a success.

What do you think is the edge of POP Neutral from other natural skin care lines?

POP products are carefully formulated. Using mixtures of natural and safe ingredients with no harsh chemicals. During my research when I started to mix my own oils, I realised a lot of the other brands carry small amounts of the ‘important active ingredients’ – but we work the other way round to ensure POP users can fully enjoy and see the results of our products. 

What ingredients in the Pop Neutral line might our readers find most surprising?

There’s just so many good ingredients in our products so it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific one. One product that always catches people by surprise is our 3 ingredient shea body butter. Only 3 ingredients but so many benefits! It works great and you will see the results too.

Three pieces of advice you would give first time mommies when it comes to skincare?

1. More ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean better.

2. Google the product to make sure there’s no nasties.

3. Most brands use very minimal amounts of the effective ingredients. Check for the right ingredients being at the top of the list instead of at the end of the ingredient list.

Now tell us one of the biggest misconceptions about what pregnancy does to a woman’s body?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that exercising during pregnancy will send you into premature labour. There has been rumours that exercise during pregnancy could harm the baby or cause premature birth. However, I believe that regular daily exercise can help to manage the common discomforts of pregnancy and increase your chances of having a vaginal delivery free of complications. Exercise can also aid in postpartum recovery which can also be added with POP active products later on.

You are a mother of four, you oversee the F&B division of the Naza Group, and you also own a preloved fashion company called, Portluxe. Share with us, what kind of self-care rituals have you created for yourself?

I butter up daily and oil up every night before bed. I dry brush once a week and coffee scrub twice a week. I also drink lots of water, and I’m asleep before 10pm to make sure I get enough 8 hour sleep.

How has the pandemic changed your day-to-day relationship with beauty products?

I’ve managed to add more self care routines in place!

What can we expect next from POP Neutral and Nadia Nasimuddin herself?

We’re working on a few more amazing products that I can’t wait to launch this year. So keep POP on the lookout!

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