Nanowhite Fresh has relaunched its acne skincare line with a new improved formula and packaging of 100% natural ingredients, sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan and cruelty-free.

According to Jasper Lim, Tohtonku Sdn Bhd Executive Director, “As we constantly look to evolve, we are inspired by Generation Z and their mission to make the world a better place. They are the most conscious and discerning consumers to-date and after listening to their demands, we revamped our product line to be as ethical, sustainable and close to nature as possible.”

Jasper Lim, Tohtonku Sdn Bhd Executive Director

“Acne is a common problem among young adults that can be both mentally and physically challenging for a young person. The product range promises to help Gen Z achieve clear and healthy skin naturally, boosting their confidence to be the best version of themselves,” he added.

The newest Nanowhite Fresh collection is designed exclusively for young adults to assist them with acne-prone skin. It contains 10 times more vitamin C found in other Nanowhite products. Powered by Vitamin C, this wonder ingredient helps to brighten the skin for a more radiant complexion.

Source: Nanowhite Fresh

The range is also infused with 100% natural tea tree and peppermint essential oils to regulate excess sebum for clearer-looking skin. It has been clinically shown to reduce acne counts in as little as one day! The products feature dermatologically tested formulations, ensuring they are safe and gentle on the skin.

Aside from harnessing natural ingredients, its revamped eco-friendly packaging boasts colourful mood-lifting hues to radiate the youthful energy of Gen Z with a clean minimalist design.

The latest Nanowhite Fresh range consists of:

  • Clarifying Whip Cleanser (RM20.90)

A cleanser for normal to oily skin that primarily helps to lift away impurities and excess sebum

  • Deep Cleansing Gel (RM20.90)

A cleanser for normal skin to slough off dead skin cells and purify pores

  • Gentle Cleansing Milk (RM20.90)

A moisturising cleanser that is ideal for sensitive skin

  • Detoxifying Charcoal Cleanser (RM20.90)

Cleanser for very oily skin to purge trapped residue from the pores while eliminating dead skin cells 

  • Miracle Mist (RM26.90)

It helps to tone, hydrate and control excess oil to prep skin

  • Acne Clearing Gel (RM43.90)

Treat and control acne without scars

  • Oil Control Mattifying Moisturiser (RM27.90)

Moisturise the skin while protecting it against environmental pollutants

  • Skin Renewing Sleeping Essence (RM27.90)

Retexturise skin while locking in moisture overnight

The Nanowhite Fresh range will start to retail across the country at all Watsons stores and Shopee platform

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