The beauty and skincare market is one that is always evolving, with new secrets and techniques being shared on a regular basis. One significant trend that is now sweeping the landscape is none other than the usage of handmade organic substances to reach perpetual beauty. 

In Malaysia, most beauty-preneurs have come up with what they characterise as the ‘’greatest skincare must-haves’’ to ensure that everyone feels beautiful on the inside and out, but the expensive cost and additional toxins detour us to go elsewhere for handmade or homemade authentic natural products. 

Malaysians have long joined the fad of supplying handmade skin care goods to give your body the care it deserves—and here are Beauty Insider‘s choice of top local artisans with handmade products manufactured from the greatest natural ingredients accessible that are guaranteed to make your body feel the best it can!

Best Handmade Skincare in Malaysia

1. Kindersoaps

Kindersoaps is the solution if you have acne-prone skin, eczema, or any other ailment that poses a challenge to discover remedies that are favourable to the delicacy of your skin type. They have several sorts of soaps that address various skin types and concerns, so check out this company if you’re looking for soaps that won’t hurt your complexion and will really assist you in maintaining it.

Buy Kindersoaps here.

2. Claire Organics

A mother’s love for her kid may achieve tremendous results. Claire Organics was born in this manner! In order to provide the best for her infant girl, the entrepreneur experimented with utilising breast milk to make bar soaps! Claire is not just the name of the founder’s daughter, but it also means “clear and pure” in French. The usage of organic and natural bar soaps, which are 100% chemical-free, can make a significant effect on the skin. She has tried and proved that using high quality and natural substances does not hurt the skin in the long term.

Buy Claire Organics here.

3. Daughter Earth

Applying oil on your skin might be scary, especially considering our country’s all-year-round damp conditions, which causes everyone to reach for their blotting papers even more. However, purified essential oils are excellent moisturisers and may even help unblock pores. Daughter Earth offers a variety of face oil goods made from nutritious and organic components to provide your skin a healthy shine.

Buy Daughter Earth here.

4. Fawn Beauty Co. 

FAWN’s distinct and basic formulas that employ vegan and raw ingredients in their line are made to assist preserve your skin from whatever unneeded dangerous substances, based on the philosophy of handcrafted beauty goods. They provide oat-based exfoliating soaps, charcoal soap for acne outbreaks, and other options. FAWN should be one of your options if you’re seeking a business with all natural items that also look picturesque. 

Buy Fawn Beauty Co. here.

5. Organically Moi

Organically Moi, as the name implies, offers natural and organic skincare products.  Cassandra J Poyong, a Sabahan and national Jiu Jitsu athlete, founded the organisation. Because of her frequent bruising and scrapes, Organically Moi was established to aid in effective and compassionate healing. Their goods are likewise devoid of perfumes and preservatives. When it comes to vegan items, they also make reusable packaging. Their products are excellent for persons with sensitive skin since they use high-quality components in their formulas.

Buy Organically Moi here.

6. Wunderbath 

Have you ever seen an item that is so adorable that you are afraid to use it? Wunderbath will make you feel precisely that way with their food-shaped soap bars that will cause you to think hard and ponder if it’s edible or not.  Wunderbath will give your bath time rich with delightful aromas while also providing your complexion the attention it needs, spanning from macarons shaped and mooncakes to your favourite local cookies. They have a diverse product line that includes not just soaps but also lip balms, bath bombs, and other items.

Buy Wunderbath here.

7. Earth Care Soaps

Earth Care Soaps is a handmade, cruelty-free, sustainable and environment firm that exclusively utilises plant-based oils, butters, plant compounds, herbs, and essential oils in its formulations. Those suffering from eczema may be certain that there are no “nasties” in the ingredient list, which is devoid of dangerous chemicals, synthetic compounds, and scents.

Buy Earth Care Soaps here. 

8. Scentco

ScentCo’s aesthetically gorgeous items are all Instagrammable and appear to be pieces of art. The brand’s distinctive designs are lovely, adequate to be given as a gift, and the greatest part? All bars are 100% handcrafted, organic, and natural, and are prepared with a quality essential oil combination that is gentle enough for delicate skin. Check out their one-of-a-kind Solid Lotion Bar, which has a butter combination (shea, kokum, mango, and cocoa) that leaves your body non-sticky and hydrated.

Buy Scentco here

9. Joa Lab

If Joa Lab’s wonderfully beautiful soaps don’t take your breath away, the relatively high components in each bar will. All of its cosmetic products are cruelty-free and suitable for children, and are handmade in limited quantities using plant-based oils (no harmful preservatives or synthetic chemicals). Their handmade soaps are excellent treats for any event, and they also provide lip care in the form of herbal tints and creams.

Buy Joa Lab here

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