Are you tired of sweating it out at the gym, desperately trying to sculpt those trouble spots into submission? Well, fret no more because STRIP’s Thermal Shape is here to rescue you from the clutches of stubborn fat cells and lacklustre results. It’s the ultimate workout buddy that promises to take your fitness routine to the next level and help you achieve that enviable silhouette without breaking a sweat (pun intended).

Thermal Shape

When it comes to getting in shape, Thermal Shape is the non-invasive treatment that dreams are made of. With its cutting-edge 4-in-1 system, including the mind-boggling Ultrasound and Thermal O2 Technologies, this bad boy is designed to tackle those hard-to-tone areas like the buttocks, tummy, and thighs with surgical precision. Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to a shapelier figure.

So, what makes Thermal Shape so special? Well, let’s dive into the juicy details. The Ultrasonic Cavitation feature utilizes low-level ultrasonic waves to break down those pesky fat cells, transforming them into a liquid. But fear not, it leaves the surrounding tissues unharmed, so you won’t have to worry about any unintended collateral damage. These emulsified fat cells are then naturally eliminated by your body’s own disposal system, like a fancy garbage collector for your dermis.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the Thermal O2 technology kicks things up a notch by employing a delightful combination of radio frequency, vacuum suction, and heat energy. It’s like a spa day for your insides. Not only does it boost blood circulation and detoxification, but it also reaches deep into the dermis layer to give those collagen fibers a pep talk. The result? Firmer skin, reduced cellulite, and fewer fine lines. It’s like having a personal army of beauticians working their magic on you.

Special Offer For First Time Sessions

Now, before you rush off to experience this wonder treatment, let’s talk strategy. For optimal results, STRIP recommends eight sessions of Thermal Shape, scheduled one to two weeks apart. Think of it as a series of dates with your future self—a flatter tummy, perkier buttocks, and toned thighs. And guess what? STRIP is feeling generous, so they’re offering special first-time session prices until 31st July 2023. We’re talking about lower back, stomach, buttocks, and half-leg top options that will make your wallet jump for joy:

  • Lower Back and Stomach are offered at RM98, each (Normal Price: RM500, each)
  • Buttocks, at RM118 (Normal Price: RM600)
  • Half Leg Top, front or back, offered at RM118, each (Normal Price: RM600, each)

But wait, there’s more! As if discounted sessions weren’t enticing enough, STRIP is also giving away free Thermal Shape sessions to the first 200 ladies who spend a minimum of RM500 at their Malaysia stores from now til 31st July 2023. It’s like winning the fitness lottery, but without the ticket stub. So, get ready to treat yourself to a luxurious experience and bid farewell to those pesky fat cells.

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Before you get too carried away, let’s set some expectations straight. Thermal Shape is not a magical weight-loss solution. It won’t melt away pounds of fat like a sorcerer’s spell. To achieve lasting results, a healthy diet and regular exercise are still your trusty sidekicks. Think of Thermal Shape as the secret weapon in your arsenal—a powerful ally that works in harmony with your efforts.

So, if you’re ready to maximise your fitness routine and conquer those hard-to-tone trouble spots, it’s time to embrace STRIP’s Thermal Shape. Say goodbye to flab and hello to fab, because with this ultimate workout buddy by your side, your dream silhouette is just a treatment away. Don’t wait another moment—get ready to shape up and strip down to a whole new level of fabulousness.

For further information and to book a Thermal Shape treatment session, please contact the STRIP Call Centre via: