With the MCO prolonging in Malaysia, who knows when we’ll get to visit our favourite spas again? That rough and calloused feet are getting irritating by the second and you don’t know what to do! Well, Beauty Insider has got your back. We did some digging and found out how you can get rid of the dead skin cells, and dryness from your feet. DIY Foot Scrubs, Exfoliating Tools; we’ve got some recommendations on how you can have your very own foot spa at home.

What are you waiting for Beauties? Let’s bring those feet back to life with these exclusive tips and tricks!

DIY Foot Scrubs

We know that some of you aren’t a fan of DIY activities. But trust us on this one. These foot scrub recipes can be done in under 5 minutes!

Peppermint Foot Scrub Recipe

  • Sugar
  • Olive Oil or Coconut Oil
  • Peppermint Essential Oil

Don’t you just love the refreshing scent of peppermint? Your feet will love it too! There are many uses of essential oil, and lucky for you they can be used as a fresh addition to your foot scrub as well. Mix a cup of sugar and some olive oil together in a bowl. Then, add a two to three drops of peppermint essential oil and mix them all together.

And you’re done! It’s as simple as that and can be done in under five minutes. Now you can gently scrub those dry and dead skin cells off your feet. Rub the scrub all over your feet for a few minutes until you notice a much smoother surface beneath. Then, wash it all off to reveal smooth, callous free skin!

Lemon Foot Scrub Recipe

  • Sugar
  • Coconut Oil or Almond Oil
  • Lemon Essential Oil or Half a Lemon

For this scrub recipe, the nutritious fruit- lemon is used. Your feet will love this dose of Vitamin C. First of all, add a cup or two of sugar in a bowl and add almond or coconut oil to it. Next, add a few drops of lemon essential oil. If you don’t have any squeeze half a lemon into the bowl. Voila! You have an all natural foot scrub.

To maintain the softness of your feet, exfoliate it with your DIY foot scrubs two to three times a week!

Milk Foot Scrub Recipe

  • Fresh Milk
  • Warm water
  • Sugar
  • Baby Oil or Coconut Oil
  • Pumice Stone

First, let’s begin with a 10 minute foot soak. Pour the milk and warm water into a basin and soak your feet. While you wait for your foot to soak, pour the sugar and coconut oil or baby oil into a bowl and mix them together. After your 10 minutes soak is completed, scrub your feet with the mixture. Once you are satisfied with the scrub, grab a pumice stone and scrub the souls of your feet. This will give you some extra exfoliation. Wash the dried skin off, and you’re all done!

To add on extra care, rub your favourite body lotion onto your feet after your scrub session and enjoy your renewed skin.

Foot Exfoliating Tools

Sometimes scrubs just won’t do, and that’s why these tools will come in handy. Take a look at some of our suggestions.

Pumice Stone

Exfoliate the roughness away with a pumice stone. They form when water and lava combine with one another. It is light stone but is abrasive enough to remove dead and dry skin. These stones can be a great tool to soften callous and corns on your feet. This will help minimise the pain caused by friction. The best part about this tool is that it is super affordable and, costs as low as RM2.00!

Where to buy: Shopee Malaysia

The Body Shop File A Foot

The Body Shop’s File A Foot is a foot file that has a double-sided design. It buffs away all the rough skin on your heels and foot souls effectively for a smooth finish. It’s design allows you to easily scrub your foot with an easy to grip handle that is long enough, so you won’t have to bend too far. The gentle but firm exfoliation makes this tool effortless to use for frequent exfoliation. Additionally, File A Foot is made to last long too!

Purchase your File A Foot online and in stores now at The Body Shop Malaysia.

Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File

Dr Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File Pink + Exfoliating Refill

This electric foot file by Dr Scholl helps with removed dead and dry skin from your feet. It comes with a dual speed design, thus effortlessly glides on your feet to work its magic. Dr Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File has Diamond Crystals that files the feet with its long lasting micro abrasives that can smooth out even the most stubborn of skin. On top of that, it comes with a refill that can be used for your feet and legs! Now, you can wear those high heels and short dresses and wow the crowd!

Dr Scholl Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File retails for RM252.63 on Care to Beauty. Don’t need a refill? Get the Velvet Smooth Electric Foot File at RM88.00 on Lazada Malaysia.

Pretty2U Wooden Foot File

The Wooden Foot Files from Pretty2u comes in a pair. One side has a softer, more delicate exfoliating surface, while the other is more coarse. They effectively remove dead and dry skin, and smooth out rough feet with every use. The handles are ergonomic hence, allowing easy use for everyone. Therefore, you need not worry about it slipping out of your hands in the shower!

The Pretty2u Wooden Foot Files retails for RM31.80 on Zalora Malaysia.