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Urban Retreat Onsen Spa

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Finally an onsen spa in Kuala Lumpur!

Situated in the newly populated 163 Retail Park in Mont Kiara is the new fusion Japanese spa concept from Urban Retreat Spa. The Urban Retreat Onsen Spa provides traditional Japanese Onsen services with Malaysian spa treatments.

This new spa brand is the third line for the Urban Retreat group, after the original Urban Retreat Spas and Uroot. Featuring the diversity of Malaysia, the treatments combine Malay, Chinese, Indian and Pribumi massage styles in ways that are unique and original for the spa.

The treatments can be stand-alone individual treatments or part of a package.

Types of treatment

  1. Onsen
  2. Body Polish and Body Wrap
  3. Massage Treatments

What is Onsen

Onsen (温泉) means Hot Spring in Japanese. Urban Onsen Spas are springing up all over the world, attesting to their growing popularity. The key is the water, where bath salts from volcanic regions are added to waters with pre-set temperatures. The tubs are usually made from cypress woods, marble or granite.

Onsen was originally thought to be able to unblock blocked energy in the body, which was believed to cause illnesses. It is, however, still a time treasured remedy to relieve stress and fatigue of body and mind. Effects of onsen treatments include:

  • Nourishing ingredients in the water to care for your skin
  • Thermal effect of water increases blood circulation
  • Increases metabolism
  • Buoyancy effect – when the body enters the water, it feels lighter. Body relaxes and weight feels lifted off from tired muscles and joints
  • Relieves stress and promotes sleep

Urban Retreat Onsen Spa’s Onsen Therapy

spa onsen tub

Urban Retreat Onsen Spa provides private indoor Onsen services. Perfect for those who wish to engage in Onsen bathing culture but is uncomfortable sharing the bathing facilities with other patrons. Furthermore, the water ran for the individual patron and emptied after with the tub cleaned.

The 5 tubs in the spa are all imported from Japan, made from Japanese Hinoki (檜) woods which are over 200 years old. Hinoki is precious cypress wood that emits a calming scent and releases mineral oils into steamy hot waters. One other feature of the wooden tubs is their ability to keep the temperature of the water warm throughout the 45-minute treatment.

The onsen bathing treatment begins with a choice of one of the 4 salts and a discussion of the water temperature. They recommend 40°C for beginners, 42°C – 43°C for regulars.    

Onsen Bath Salts

spa bath salts
  1. Refreshing – hinoki
  2. Relaxing – lavender
  3. Smoothing Skin – walnut
  4. Shoulder and Back Pain – volcanic clay from Beppu Japan

Urban Retreat Onsen Spa’s Body Polish and Body Wrap Treatments 

The spa offers hour-long sessions of body wrap and half-hour-long session of body polish (body scrub).

Imported Rice brans for body polish / Body wrap treatments

  1. Jasmine
  2. Hinoki Mandarin
  3. Tropical Spice
  4. Coconut

Body Polish options (both treatments designed by the Urban Retreat Spa)

  • Tender Polish – a more gentle body scrub treatment with slow strokes. Designed to (1) remove dead skin cells, (2) promote sleep and (3) relax the body.
  • Gommage Me – utilities their signature green gloves in quick strokes for a stimulating and deeper exfoliation.

Urban Retreat Onsen Spa’s Massage Therapy

urban retreat onsen spa treatment area

The Onsen Spa showcases Malaysian culture by creating in-house massage treatments with local flare. By combining Chinese, Indian, Malay and Pribumi massage styles in ways to give rise to a style that is unique for the spa – especially evident with the Malaysia Way massage treatment.


  • Soothing touch – improves sleep
  • Intense Power – loosen tightness
  • Malaysia Way – uniquely Malaysia
  • Tailor Made – targeted massage
  • Back Massage – for the tired back
  • Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage + ear & hand reflexology
  • Foot Massage
foot tubs

Spa Journey

Beauty Insider Malaysia visited the new spa and sat with Layla Ednirwan from Marketing to find out more about the new spa.

Ambience – Modern, tranquil

First we note the ambience of the new spa. In grey and neutral tones, it has a minimalist look with Japanese flair. The simplistic modern setting is a tranquil oasis for urban dwellers.

The music matches the ambiance and treatment influences with soothing sounds of spa music with distinctly Japanese, Malay and Chinese sounds.

Attention to Details – Impressive!

The striking thing about the new spa is their attention to details.

Personal belongings are deposited into a locker with a touch tag to gain access to. Shaped like a watch with an elastic rubber band, the touch tag is super convenient to carry around the spa.

A basket is placed in the locket to keep all things in one place.

The bed is heated with an electric blanket imported from New Zealand. This keeps you warm and toasty during treatment.

There is a silicone-gel-like pad around the face hole on the treatment bed to minimize discomfort.

Hydration – thoughtful & plenty


To stay hydrated throughout the treatment is important, especially with the Onsen therapy. Starting with a clear glass of cold water before the start of treatments; to the lightly pandan-infused cold water during the onsen therapy; then onto a refreshing pandan and lemon grass cold water with a thin layer of ice at the bottom of your glass; and to the ginger teas after the body wrap / polish and massage therapies. The onsen spa keeps you hydrated with distinctively Asian flair.

An urban retreat to rejuvenate

In line with Urban Retreat group of spas, the latest edition is yet another oasis to rest and relax in the busy Kuala Lumpur city. The onsen therapy and others, such as the Tender Body Polish and Soothing Touch massage, relaxes the muscles and promotes sleep. The spa conveniently closes at 10 pm, which always for a strategically placed appointment and then rush back for a good night’s rest.


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