Since its inception in 2021, Urban Jungle has been delivering hit after hit, thanks to its distinctive approach and innovative formula. This viral Australian brand is the brainchild of Paul Tsalikis, a seasoned entrepreneur known for his significant beauty contributions to the beauty industry as the founder and CEO of Damn Good Beauty and VANITY GROUP. Urban Jungle encapsulates everything modern beauty brands should be, revolutionising the industry with its inclusive, accessible, and easy-to-use products. We had the great pleasure of chatting with Paul Tsalikis, who shed light on his visionary mission behind Urban Jungle, his entrepreneurial journey, and his skincare routine.

Interview with Paul Tsalikis, Founder of Urban Jungle

Hi Paul Tsalikis, congratulations on the brand being launched in Sephora Malaysia.  Can you tell us more about yourself?  

Thank you so much! I’m thrilled to be here. I’m Paul Tsalikis, the founder of Urban Jungle,  Damn Good Beauty and VANITY GROUP.  

Damn Good Beauty own some of Australia’s most up-and-coming and innovative beauty  brands, including Urban Jungle. While our brands have been around for up to 13 years,  Damn Good was launched in 2020 as the umbrella company to house (and love!) these  

brands. Damn Good Beauty is the sister company to VANITY GROUP which is where my  entrepreneurial story started. Renowned as hospitality’s house of beauty, VANITY GROUP  partners include the most sought-after fashion, beauty, premium skincare, fine fragrance,  lifestyle and spa brands to elevate hotel amenities from essential items to an experience that  rivals even the sweetest suite.  

I’ve always been passionate about skincare and entrepreneurship, and Urban Jungle is the  culmination of that passion, aimed at making high-quality skincare easy and fun for  everyone. 

What inspired you to found Urban Jungle and what was the initial vision for the  brand? Have you always wanted to create something that represents the community  through an inclusive and diverse approach?  

Throughout my journey with VANITY GROUP and Damn Good Beauty, I always had an  entrepreneurial itch to create a beauty brand that doubled as a community for people.  Although Urban Jungle was officially created in 2021, the idea to create it had been years in  the making. 

From the beginning, the vision was clear: to help people embrace their flaws and tackle life  with a little bit of swagger, and a lot of confidence. Urban Jungle champions individuality and  lifts-up self-acceptance with an affordable, effective line-up of Korean skin and body  products that are designed to not only meet but celebrate the needs of all skin types. Our  products are designed to be simple yet effective, allowing everyone to feel confident in their  own skin. I also wanted to create a community that helped humans to bravely navigate their  way through information overload, confusion, and overwhelm.  

With your extensive experience as an entrepreneur, how has it influenced the  inception and development of Urban Jungle?  

I started VANITY GROUP over a decade ago and one of the most valuable lessons I have  learnt across both B2B and DTC businesses is the importance of listening to your audience  and building a strong community. With Urban Jungle, I focused on creating a brand that  goes beyond products, fostering a community where customers feel connected and  empowered. This involved strategic use of social media, engaging content, and  collaborations with creators who resonate with our brand values.  

What’s one piece of business advice that has stuck with you throughout your  entrepreneurial journey that contributed to launching Urban Jungle?  

One piece of advice that has always resonated with me is to stay authentic and true to your  vision. In a crowded market, authenticity can be your greatest differentiator. This mindset  has been integral to launching Urban Jungle. By staying true to our mission of inclusivity and  accessibility, we’ve built a brand that fosters genuine connections with our audience and  stands out in a crowded market. 

As a founder and CEO of Damn Good Beauty and VANITY GROUP, how do you  balance the demands of running a business with personal life and self-care?  

Balancing work and personal life certainly have its challenges at times, but it’s essential to  keep on top of. I prioritise self-care by scheduling in time for daily activities that recharge me,  like spending time with loved ones, exercising, eating good food and, of course, a solid  skincare routine.  

What is your personal beauty routine, and which Urban Jungle products do you use  regularly? 

My beauty routine is all about simplicity and consistency. I start my morning with the Sake  Bomb Gel Cleanser. I love the 2-in-1 cleanse and gentle exfoliation with this product. On a  night, I’ll do a double cleanse to wash away the day with our Urban Jungle Melt Me Softly  Cleansing Balm followed by Sake Bomb. Next, I alternate between the Glow with the Flow Gel Serum and The G.O.A.T Face Serum, which are fantastic for keeping my skin  moisturised, plump and radiant. I finish my daily routine with the Smooth Operator Gel  Cream, which provides essential hydration and protection. These products are my daily go to and they keep my skin looking and feeling its best.  

If you could only pick three products that best represent the brand, which ones  would you choose and why?  

That’s a tough one, but if I had to choose, I’d pick our Melt Me Softly Cleansing Balm, the  Glow with the Flow and our Smooth Operator Gel Moisturiser. These products all highlight  our brand’s core values of simplicity and effectiveness. They are all fragrance free, so they  

cater to various skin types and concerns, making them perfect representatives of our  commitment to accessible skincare. Plus, they’re formulated with clean ingredients that  deliver real results, which is what Urban Jungle is all about.  

Here’s a fun question: if Urban Jungle had a theme song, what would it be?  

I love this question! If Urban Jungle had a theme song, it would be “Walking on Sunshine” by  Katrina and The Waves. This song is an instant mood lifter! Every day with Urban Jungle is a  celebration of feeling good, and this song embodies that joyful vibe. 

The brand offers a range of body care and skincare products; is there any  possibility of delving into makeup in the future?  

We never say never! While our focus is currently on bringing new skin and body care  products to our audience, we’re excited about the possibilities of makeup in the future and  are always exploring new ways to delight our community.  

Can you share any upcoming launches or projects that Urban Jungle fans can  look forward to?  

I’m excited to share that we have many new products in the pipeline – especially over the  next 12 months! We are focused on delivering products that have your entire skin and body  routine covered, so watch out for more products coming soon to our community.  Beyond our product development, we are focused on engaging with our community across  the globe, so you’ll see us popping up where our customers are through a combination of  immersive offline and online experiences. The future is bright and we’re excited for it! 

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