Pssttt, Powdered Dry Shampoo Is The Answer To Your Greasy Hair Problem

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / January 13, 2022
Categories : Hair Care

Living in a country where humid weather lasted all year long is annoying. Your face gets oily, you sweat a lot, you get sunburn and even your scalp seems to get greasy after just a few hours strutting under the sun. It’s like no matter what you do, you’ll end up getting oilier than before. And when excess sweat meets the harsh UV rays, our hair and scalp could be exposed to a whole lot of sensitivity—which makes us wonder, is it entirely safe to wash our hair everyday? 

The straight answer is yes of course. All of the stories you heard about washing your hair everyday is bad for your scalp—it has got to be one of the biggest beauty myth busters, ever. However, if you’re still skeptical about shampoo-ing your hair everyday to avoid greasiness, we have a better option for you. Use a powdered dry shampoo. Say hello to your new hair bestie. So leave your worries at home. Powdered dry shampoo is definitely safe to use, most of them are environmentally friendly and non-irritation as well. So whether you’re a hijabi, cap-wearing lover, or a simple free-hair, we suggest you use powdered dry shampoo to keep your hair and scalp oily free. 

Already sold to the idea? Not too fast, we at Beauty Insider still have more explanations to do. Powdered dry shampoo is not typically ‘’dry’’ as they have a few differences. Read further to learn more about this product before you purchase one. For safety purposes. 

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What Is Powdered Dry Shampoo? 

You’ve heard about dry shampoo before, right? Good. But what’s the difference between dry and powdered-dry? Well, they have the same purposes but unlike typical dry which usually came in spray form, powdered dry is, as its name suggests… is powdered in texture. You can just simply sprinkle the powder all over your scalp or targeted places where you want to reduce oiliness. It’s super quick and effective. Especially if you’re blessed with a thick mane which requires a full 45 minutes to wash, condition, moisture and dry your hair altogether. So, investing in a good powdered dry shampoo is always going to be a great idea. Moreover if you’re a busy bee person and are always on the go. You can even carry them anywhere, whenever your scalp starts to feel greasy and itchy just dab the powder on your scalp and call it a day! Easy peasy. Powdered dry shampoo is the easiest way to help reenergize and freshen your scalp without having to dampen your hair. 

How To Use Powdered Dry Shampoo? 

As mentioned earlier, powdered dry shampoo is effectively easy to use. First, make sure to sectionzed your hair into a partition. Like how you would clip your hair in different parts when you’re straightening or curling those strands. Yeap that one. Then you can either dabble the powder on the targeted areas, sprinkle them all over your or, if you’re scared you might accidentally pour a huge amount all over, we suggest you take a clean makeup brush and swipe it on your scalp like you would apply your setting powder. Now, how genius is that? According to Kathryn Nelson, better known as a plastic-free enthusiast, sometimes she would buy a bigger size of powdered dry shampoo and then transfer a minimum amount to a smaller size bottle where she would carry every time she went out. See, we told you a powdered dry shampoo is super environmentally-free. You wouldn’t carry your usual liquid shampoo everywhere like a weird hobo right? 

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How Often Should You Wear Powdered Dry Shampoo? 

As often as you want! Though, we would suggest you not to go on for more than a week without washing your hair. Very yucky. Let’s face it, we live in a country where humid weather plays its roles all year long. So whether you like it or not, please do wash your hair whenever your hair or scalp starts to feel dense and produce a non-stop sebum. Never rely too heavily on powdered dry shampoo or any dry shampoo in particular. Because just like any of your skincare products, certain ingredients can lead to clogged pores, which they’re likely to trap underneath the surface layers of your skin. When it comes to the hair and scalp area, if you go too long without cleansing those thin scalp surfaces, it would cause shedding hair problems and excessive dandruff problems. So please, don’t skip washing your hair when it starts to feel overwhelming up there. 

Any Downfall Regarding Powdered Hair Shampoo? 

There’s no scientific evidence (yet) on weather powdered dry shampoo could cause a major problem to your head area. But as we suggested, try to limit using powdered dry shampoo. One week is a max you could go without washing your hair. After that, you need to cleanse all those leftover ingredients, sweats, dirt, and dead skin cells on your scalps. I mean, would you want to sit down next to your crush knowing that you didn’t wash your hair beforehand? That’s so unhygienic by the way. In short, you need to know to differentiate between, ‘’I don’t have time to wash my hair today, I’ll just powder my scalp,’’ and ‘’I don’t wash my hair anymore, I use powdered shampoo only.’’ See the difference? Yeah… 

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