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15 Red Bean Paste Inspired Nail Looks To Try Out Now

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How many of you guys like red bean paste? We are talking about the colour here, not the food! If you want some red bean paste snacks, I suggest you go look for them somewhere else. Perhaps kl.foodie can help! Ok, on a serious note, we are going to be looking at red bean paste nail looks! Whether it’s a press-on or gel nail polish, we are going to check out some cool designs that you can request for your next manicure session! Over at Beauty Insider, let’s see what kind of nail design you like best! Get inspired by our list and come up with your own design even! Without further ado, let’s get cracking! 

Types of Manicure

There are several different ways you can get your nails done. Either you get extensions, gel manicure, simple coloured nails or even opting for press-on nails! Nowadays, most people are leaning more towards press-on nails because they don’t harm the nails as much. Constantly getting gel manicures and extensions can lead to your nails becoming weaker. Thus, it can break much easier. There are multiple places you can get press-on nails as well. From Instagram shops to Shopee and Lazada! 

1. Simple & Stylish

First off is this cute and simple look that is easy to achieve! This look basically only calls for one colour and this pinkish-red bean paste is just it. It’s so easy, you can even do it yourself at home! Perfect for a fun activity with the girls. If not, you can always go to a nail salon and get it done. If you’re the type that can’t sit still, this design is fuss-free and quick to achieve at nail salons! 

2. Marble Finish 

Marble will always be of those textures that lasts a lifetime. No matter how long you’ve forgotten about it, it’ll always come back and spark your interest. Marble designs can help your nails look chic and expensive. There’s just a vibe you get with marble that’s just so comforting you know? Instead of comfort movies, we get comfort nails! 

3. Matte Look

The satisfaction of a matte nail look is absolutely pleasing. It definitely looks more sleek and clean in my opinion. For this look, you can opt for an ombre effect flowing from your nails! Maybe starting with a darker shade of red bean paste on your thumb, and getting lighter as you reach your pinky!

4. Accent Nail

Something I personally like to do is have one or two accent nails. This way, I can have more designs on my nails! You can also try alternating so you get two accent nails on your ring and index finger. If not, you can opt for having one instead! Maybe your thumb, middle or ring finger. It’s totally up to you. If you’re using plain nail colours, this is a good way to showcase two different shades or colours!

5. Cutesy Look

If your aesthetic is more cute and flowy, try adding some cute red bean designs on your nails! A few baby beans or bean sprouts to help highlight your love for red beans. Or you can actually have all your nails follow a red bean paste theme. Maybe even food-related drawings! 

6. Bean There Done That

This is technically red “bean” paste inspired right? Leaning more towards an earth tone, this might even be coffee bean inspired! Anyways, it’s a cute look. It’s also easy to match with any outfit you have because it’s quite a neutral look. If you have trouble keeping long nails, you can opt for press-on nails as well! 

7. Artistic Design

For something more personal, you can also get some artistic designs! Prints and patterns are quite common. But, if you’re an artist, you can even draw your own design! If your nail artist agrees to draw it, you can definitely request them to do so. This helps add a personal touch to your nails as well! Making them feel more special.

8. Geometric Design

On the other hand, there are geometric designs that are more simple. Usually, these are just lines, squares or triangles. These designs look cleaner and are easier to do too. It’s quite hard to mess up on drawing lines! It would also be quicker too if you’re in a rush. Or, you might even get some ready-made press-on nails to do at home! 

9. Cartoon Come Alive

This is another cute design that calls attention to itself! Why not add some faces onto your red beans? It makes it look alive and 10 times cuter than it is too! Cartoon designs can look animated and real if done properly. You can even create a story on your nails with different gestures and expressions. I think a red bean running away is definitely a cute sight to see!

10. Details, Details, Details

With an eye for detail, you can honestly add as much as you want. Granted that your nail artist can do it, you can have drawings that are incredibly detailed! On top of red bean paste inspired colours, you can add detailed flowers or pictures. Or ask your manicurist for a free-hand drawing of whatever comes to mind! It’s nice to be surprised too. 

11. Mix & Match

For this look, you can definitely mix and match as you please! Maybe even five different colours for each of your nails! Different shades of red bean paste are cool, but you can get crazier by adding colours that don’t exactly match. Like rainbow nails, you can incorporate red bean paste colours too!

12. Fairytale Magic

Trying to look like a princess? Well then, you should try a light pink-red bean paste colour. Colours close to the colour nude tend to give off a fairytale vibe. This is because the colours are so light and somehow feel flowy. Using gel nail polish can also help make your nails look more elegant. Thus, making you feel like a princess with feminine nails!

13. Bling Empire

Love everything sparkly? Get some diamonds along with your nails! To make your nails stand out even more, you can always add some embellishments. This also adds to a 3D effect since you can feel it on top of your nails. You can also blend some glitter nail polish with your red bean paste look! Then, it’ll definitely shine under the sun!

14. 24K Gold

This next look can be achieved by adding some gold foils onto your nails. Some designs call for using gold paper or foils to add a little pizazz! These can be put under your nails or in between layers of nail polish. This way you don’t feel it on top of your nails. It seems like it’s inside your nails! 

15. Watercolour Effect

Lastly, we have a watercolour effect. For this design, you can just swipe the red bean paste colour onto your nails. This can use negative space to make the colours pop out more. It also looks like a brushstroke, making it look accidental! It looks as if you were painting on your nails.  

Author: Cherelle Lim | Date: 2nd April 2021