The beauty products we use in our routines help make us feel good and look our best – but the same cannot be said for how it affects our environment. The amount of plastic used in these products is a huge problem. It’s a sad known fact that the beauty industry is one of the biggest contributors when it comes to the accumulation of waste in landfills, where 70% of it comes from the packaging used. 

Fortunately, the beauty industry is constantly evolving, and numerous brands have come out with ways to help lessen the environmental impact through more sustainable initiatives and processes. Eco-friendly beauty products are now more accessible and available for everyone. This includes introducing refillable beauty products into the market to lessen the amount of waste thrown away. 

For makeup, haircare, skincare, and more – check out these refillable beauty products you can shop in Malaysia! Plus, they cost less and are worth investing in for a more eco-conscious, sustainable lifestyle. 

Refillable Beauty Products You Can Buy in Malaysia

1. Fenty Beauty Instant Setting & Blotting Powder Refill

This lightweight finishing powder helps set makeup in place, removes extra shine, and blurs pores.  Fenty Beauty’s Instant Setting & Blotting Powder comes in a compact powder you can pop into your daily bag, so you can retouch your makeup at any time of the day. The powder comes in a universally flattering shade for all skin tones that doesn’t cake up or cause any flashbacks. If you run out, the powder can be replaced in its magnet-free packaging. 

Why we love it:

  • Pore-blurring and airbrushed finish
  • Non-cakey formula
  • Extends makeup wear and absorbs oiliness

Price: RM180.00 / RM125.00 (Refill)
Where to buy: Sephora

2. Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream Refill Pod

For skin that feels unbalanced and dehydrated, the Glow Recipe delivers the right amount of hydration that it needs! As one of the best-selling products from the brand, they’ve also recently introduced the refill pod in their product line-up, which saves you almost RM30 per refill. The cream is great for those with normal to combination skin types!

Why we love it:

  • Rebalances, rehydrates, and replumps skin
  • Adds a dewy finish to the skin
  • Lightweight texture that absorbs easily into the skin

Price: RM182.00 / RM152.00 (Refill)
Where to buy: Sephora

3. Maro Deo Scalp Shampoo Refill

This Japanese beauty brand caters to men and addresses their main concerns from head to toe. A few of the favourite products from Maro that really stood out to their Malaysian customers are their hair care products that help address hair and scalp issues such as hair loss and dandruff. The Deo Scalp Shampoo is great for those who experience dandruff, excessive oiliness, and unpleasant odour on their scalp. Shoppers can get the bang for their buck with each product that comes in a huge bottle, and can also repurchase a refill once it starts to run out.

Why we love it:

  • Provides nourishment for hair while protecting it
  • Leaves behind a long-lasting scent that doesn’t overpower the nose
  • Can save more money when you get the original + refill bundle

Price: RM49.90 (Original Product & Refill)
Where to buy: 

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4. L’Occitane Refill Packs

From the Provence-born brand that provides natural beauty products from head to toe, L’Occitane has been one of the big brands in the market to actively provide refill packs for their bath & body essentials. L’Occitane’s Eco-Refill packs are available in big 500ml sizes, letting the customers replenish and save money at the same time. In addition, L’Occitane also launched their Refill Fountain, a revolutionary zero-plastic alternative that invites people to bring their empty clean L’Occitane bottles to refill their products directly at their stores. 

Why we love it:

  • Aromatic essential oils in each product that feel good on the skin and hair
  • Comes in big sizes that let you save more money
  • Gentle and natural formula

Price: starts at RM100 (Original packaging) | starts at RM140 (Refill)
Where to buy: L’Occitane MY

5. Le Labo Fine Fragrances

Le Labo, a New York-based perfume company, is one of the fastest-growing brands that garnered attention because of their unique, striking oil-based scents that last all day with just one spritz. Each handmade scented product is handmade and produced in its distinct recyclable packaging. They also offer refills for your favourite scent through their refill program and add in a bonus personalised touch for your bottle, too.

Why we love it:

  • Variety of scents available for men and women
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • Vegan formula and free from parabens, preservatives, and colourants

Price: Check estimate prices for original packaging and refill here
Where to buy: Available exclusively at Suria KLCC

6. Hourglass Confession™ Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick

Designed with a slim body that enables the user to handle the product with control to fill, line, and define the lips. The Hourglass Confession™ Ultra Slim High Intensity is no doubt one of the best-selling makeup of the brand because of its pigmented colour pay-off that leaves behind a creamy, satin finish that lasts all day. The lippie now also comes with a refill once you run out – so if you want to get your favourite shade or try a new one, you can swap it easily.

Why we love it:

  • Wide range of colours to suit any skin tone
  • Smudge-resistant finish
  • Non-drying formula

Price: RM185.00 / RM118.00 (Refill)
Where to buy: Sephora

7. Biore Makeup Remover Wipes Refill

Tough on makeup but gentle on the skin, Biore is a Japanese beauty brand known for their effective makeup removers and cleansers. Their makeup removers can easily wipe off your makeup, including waterproof eye makeup, without having to rub vigorously. Their cult-favourite Makeup Remover comes in different types – one of which comes in a pre-soaked makeup removing wipes that are convenient to remove makeup in one sheet. It comes in a small box that you can stock back on with their refills.

Why we love it:

  • One pre-soaked makeup wipe is enough to cover the face, eyes, and neck
  • Melts waterproof makeup easily
  • Leaves skin feeling moisturised and comfortable

Price: RM27.00 (Original & Refill)
Where to buy:

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8. Colourpop Build Your Own Eyeshadow Palette

Colourpop Cosmetics is one of the international makeup brands that’s widely popular among makeup enthusiasts. They’re known for their pigmented shades, inclusive colour range, and diverse formulas that come with an affordable price tag. So, if you’re looking for budget-friendly makeup palette that you can customise yourself and refill later on, try their Build Your Own Palette! You can purchase the pressed shadows separately once you’ve hit pan.

Why we love it:

  • Fixed price per palette
  • Numerous shades and finishes available
  • High-quality formula that blends well with one another

Price: Starts at RM107.00 per palette (estimated price only) | RM21.00 (Refill estimated price only)
Where to buy: Colourpop Cosmetics

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