It has been a while since I explored shampoos. This is mostly because I have given up looking for the right shampoo for my hair as I had found none that could truly fix my hair problems: dry, frizzy, with oily scalp, plus a dandruff problem that just won’t go away (this was extremely stressful as a hijabi). Lucky for me, I had the opportunity to try the Summerie Shampoo for Dandruff Care from the Summerie Shampoo Range. 

Therefore, for the past 2 months, I have been putting it to the test while sticking to a consistent hair care routine. Here is my full review on the Summerie Shampoo for Dandruff Care, plus a little insight on my hair care routine.

Hair Care Routine

In all honesty as a hijabi, I have neglected my hair a lot over the past several years. I stuck to just washing my hair with any shampoo that states my problem on its label and switch it up almost every month. I also used conditioner very sparsely (whenever I had the energy for it). Due to that, I’ve possibly damaged my hair quite a lot as I faced frizzy and dry hair, with dandruff that just won’t budge. As I got the opportunity to try out Summerie, I decided I need to step up my whole routine to ensure that it would truly work. Hence, here is a breakdown of my full hair care routine.

  1. Use a hair mask at least once a week.
  2. Shampoo my hair every 2 days.
  3. Use conditioner after every wash.
  4. Follow up with a hair oil at the mids to ends of my hair.
  5. Never wear a hijab while my hair is still wet.
  6. Use the cool setting on my hair dryer to avoid heat damage.

Besides all of these, I have also paid more attention to my diet. I make sure to eat enough greens and set a reminder to drink a good amount of water (6-8 glasses per day). Also incorporated into my diet are supplements such as Fish Oil, Iron, and Multivitamins. It was hard maintaining such a routine in the beginning, but once I got the hang of it, sticking to it was no problem at all as it has turned into a habit.

Just remember, consistency is key and a healthy life is a happy life!

Summerie Shampoo for Dandruff-Care

Did you know that like our skin, the scalp will produce more oil when it is dehydrated? With a dehydrated scalp, it is no surprise that I suffered from dandruff as well. Suffered is the key word here as I no longer do after trying this shampoo.

Honestly, I’ve tried every minty shampoo in the world to tackle my dandruff problem. However, the remedy lasted as short as the minty sensation on my scalp. With the calendula extract in this Summerie Shampoo for Dandruff Care is packed with B Vitamins and antioxidants that feeds the scalp with the nutrients it needs. Although it does not have a minty effect on the scalp this shampoo strips away the dirt, pollutants, and dandruff off of my scalp after a good wash. It took about two weeks to see a significant improvement on my scalp but overall I do feel within a month the dandruff problem could be eliminated. 

Overall, I’m happy that I stumbled upon this shampoo along with the will to finally step up my hair care routine. I can finally look at myself in the mirror and not criticise the imperfections I see in my hair. As a writer who often finds herself traveling from on place or another, solving my dandruff problem sure had made everyday much more comfortable.

Summerie Shampoo Range

There is a shampoo for everyone! The Summerie Shampoo Range consists of four more variations to address the problems that you might be facing. Whether you have dry, dandruff filled, oily, or normal hair, there is a shampoo that you can take home with you. Each shampoo has key ingredients to help you address your concerns and bring life back into your locks.

Feel confident and comfortable in your own hair and ready to whip your hair back and forth!

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