The heart wants what it wants—we want a Selena Gomez makeup tutorial, and now we get ‘em! Selena’s makeup artist, Hung Vanngo just dropped a YouTube video of him doing the singer’s makeup using only RARE Beauty products. 

The ‘’Summer Day To Night Makeup’’ tutorial which is duration over 30 minute contains a few makeup tips and tricks that Hung used to do for his clients. Not only that, we also get a glimpse of how close the two are together. Like how Selena described it, “very big brother, little sister-like” relationship. 

(Source: YouTube)

For product wise, Hung opted to use only Selena’s Rare Beauty line to create a pink-hued day look and a more bronzy night look. At the start of the video, Selena can be seen without makeup, (ah yes, she’s beautiful regardless) while Hung goes through everything, from applying primer—he said it’s best to apply it with fingers—to how to build out a glitter eyeshadow look for night.

Selena also got candid in the video, reflecting on how her lupus affects her skin and why she feels insecure about her under eyes at times.

The 28-years-old beauty said “I have lupus, which is an autoimmune disease where I can’t spend a lot of time in the sun.” She then continued, “When I break out, I get hives all over my body and so what I love about knowing my shades for when I’m a little bit more pale and knowing my shades for when I get a spray tan or something something outside so it’s actually really nice to have two different options of the foundation [a lighter option in the winter and a slightly darker one in the summer].”

(Source: YouTube)

When Hung applied a little concealer from her Rare Beauty line under Selena’s eyes, the singer spoke about why she is a little more sensitive about that area, attributing it to her jobs on camera. “I think one of my insecurities definitely has to be my under eyes,” she explained. “I don’t know if it’s because I do what I do and I love it, but you kind of look at yourself a lot and I feel like even though I don’t—I know I’m in my way beautiful but with my insecurities I tend to like cater to those areas on my face and what I love about our concealer is that I can put as much as I want and it feels like my skin and it just melts.”

You can watch the full makeup tutorial below: 

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