Dry and dull skin? Indeed, it can only mean one thing, a revamp on the skincare routine. Spring reminds us to do some cleaning and summer? Well, it is a start to attain that glowy and sun kissed complexion. If you have been searching for ways to start the season right, you’re in luck because the SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Skincare Collection is the secret to add more fruity fun to your skincare regimen. Below, Beauty Insider has gathered all the juice and cocktails that your skin needs!

Colorful Skincare Collection by SEPHORA COLLECTION


The SEPHORA COLLECTION Vitamin Tonic Lotion is the holy grail of hydration that contains about 96% natural ingredients. It helps to deliver intense hydration for up to six hours and keeps dry skin at bay. Choose between any of the three superfoods depending on your skin type. The cucumber and vitamin E delivers a boost of hydration, meanwhile, dragon fruit and vitamin B3 are super handy for those who need protection against pollution. A blend of vitamin C and passionfruit is the secret to the glowing-looking complexion. Plus, it has a lightweight consistency that sinks easily into the skin and does not leave any sticky residues.

Price: RM48.00


SEPHORA COLLECTION Vitamin Mask is a concoction of fruits and vitamins that inject your skin with all its goodness. Available in different variants of watermelon, matcha tea, grapefruit and coconut milk, it delivers moisture that leaves your skin radiant. On top of that, you can simply apply it all over your body including the face for some extra shots of vitamins.

Price: RM59.00

SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Vitamin Face Mask

The SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Vitamin Face Mask features a unique blend of essential vitamins like vitamin B3, B6, C, and E. The sheet mask is made from a banana fiber fabric and it is super close-fitting to ensure comfort. Whether your skin requires a smoothie of mango, papaya, aloe vera or even dragon fruit, simply pick the flavor and use it for five minutes. The SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Vitamin Face Mask checks all the boxes that you need to get your skin summer ready.

Price: RM21.00

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