A cheerful personality, and insightful wisdom about beauty, that is Shawn Towne.

Shawn Towne has been a practising makeup artist for more than 30 years. Images of his amazing creations have appeared in journals for fashion and beauty all around the world. He has worked as a runway artist for presentations by designers Bagley Mischka, Tracy Reece, and Oscar De La Renta during New York Fashion Week. During his time with Jane Iredale THE SKINCARE MAKEUP, he has been all over the world and to practically every state in the US. He has had the honour of working creatively on several projects and collections with the jane iredale marketing team. Shawn has gained recognition as an authority in the field thanks to appearances in Allure, In Style, Marie Claire, and other magazines.

We could not miss the opportunity to dig into his expertise to gather the best tips and tricks about makeup, plus his experience with jane iredale and the many estblished brands and names in the beauty industry.

Interview With Sean Towne, Global Educator of Jane Iredale

Tell us about yourself

I spend most of my time on the road visiting different parts of the US and occasionally other countries teaching people about jane iredale.  It doesn’t feel like work because I love our brand so much. When I’m not working, I have a beautiful family and a wonderful home in San Antonio, TX.  

How did you get started with makeup? How was that journey like for you?

I started doing makeup in the late 80s.  I knew I wanted to do makeup as a teenager and so I took Cosmetology in high school and graduated with a license.  From there I began freelancing for different cosmetic lines and then moved to Los Angeles in the 90s to work in the industry.  It took me several years to build my name and I had to do a lot of work for free just to get pictures in my portfolio but I learned much along the way and had the honor of working with many extraordinary people. 

How did you end up working with jane iredale and what attracted you to the brand the most?

I was living in Thousand Oaks, California and I decided to take a break from industry work and accept a job in an upscale spa that was close to my house.  They were selling jane iredale products there. At first I was reluctant to try them because I was used to using stage makeup.  But I was immediately impressed with the performance.  Then I started wearing it and my rosacea went away.  I was hooked.  

How did jane iredale change your perception of makeup?

I had never seen makeup so soothing and yet so flawless on the skin.  I never thought about ingredients before being introduced to our brand.  Working with Jane over the last 15 years has given me a completely different perspective about makeup because I’ve seen the difference it makes in people’s skin and I’ve come to believe in clean beauty as a philosophy and a business.  

What are your go to products from jane iredale when applying makeup for someone with sensitive skin?

Our mineral powders, Amazing Base and PurePressed Base are my favorite products for sensitive skin because their primary ingredients are soothing and calming but remember that all of our products leave out the top sensitizers that are in traditional makeup.  

What would you say is the best part about being the Global Educator for jane iredale?

The friendships that I have made around the world and the honor of representing our brand is priceless to me.  It has been, by far the most rewarding job of my entire life.  I also love Jane as a person because of her kindness to me, the influence she has had on the cosmetic industry and on the world. 

As a makeup artist, what was the most memorable celebrity makeup moment you had so far? Is there a celebrity that you would like to work with?

In 2006, I was asked to do makeup on an American Actress named Emily Procter.  At the time, she was on a TV show called CSI Miami which I loved so I was a big fan.  She wasn’t the biggest celebrity that I had ever met or worked with but she had a wonderful personality and her features were stunning.  It is a fond memory for me.  If I could do makeup on anyone, it would be Carmen Dell’Orefice.  She’s the oldest living supermodel and she’s still one of the most beautiful women in the world.  I love her features and her style. 

What is the one tip you can share when it comes to makeup for all makeup lovers out there?

Speaking from experience, one of the most important rules you can follow with any makeup is to start with a little and build from there.  Its always easier to apply more than to remove when you put too much.  We’re now living in a time that too many makeup artists overpaint the face.  Heavy makeup is not always necessary.  Less is still more… even now. 

What is the one misconception about makeup that you have heard of?

That powder will dry your skin or make it look dry.  My response to that is that a good powder (like ours) will never dry your skin and never look dry.  The key is to makeup sure you’re using a good, clean  mineral formula and use the proper primer and hydration spray to set it. 

Where do you see your journey with makeup heading in the near future? Do you have any exciting upcoming projects you’d like to share?

We have an incredible pipeline of new products coming out and our innovation is never ending.  Keep an eye out for some beautiful new brow products that I’m really excited to see launched.  And for me personally, I’m always looking to grow with our brand but no matter what happens, I’ll be grateful to work for jane iredale.  I’ve got my dream job. 

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