When we think of SK-II our minds go straight to their most popular Pitera Essence that has been loved for decades. The brand has helped many achieve their desired complexion and shine through the roof with confidence. With more than 26 years of deep research on skin brightening, the brand has pioneered “Aura Skin”, the next generation of their iconic GenOptics series.

Are you prepared for the game changer? If you have dull skin, your answer is probably “Hell Yes!”. There are many types of skin clouds created at the skin cell level that cause this dullness. These skin clouds are what blocks your AURA from shining through.

As an iconic brand, SK-II becomes the first in the world to discover that the yellow dullness produced from oxidative stress are caused by being sleep deprived. Sleep deprivation blocks the glowing aura from shining through. With just one night of no sleep can cause yellow skin cloudiness for as long as five days!

SK-II GenOptics UltrAura Essence

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The SK-II GenOptics UltrAura Essence is powered by a proprietary blend of the brand’s exclusive PITERA, SDL PRO, and the White Lotus Complex. This makes the new essence stronger, faster, and brighter for an ultimate inside out aura. With the SK-II GenOptics Ultraura Essence, your skin will appear notably brighter, more moisturised, and less yellow-looking, unleashing the most powerful aura from the inside out.

PITERA: An exclusive component from SK-II that is naturally sourced and created through a secret fermentation process using a special yeast strain that is effective against oxidation.
SDL PRO: SDL PRO effectively helps reduce the appearance of yellowish dullness on your
skin surface.
WHITE LOTUS COMPLEX: SK-II’s exclude Lotus Flower Extract is derived from white lotus that thrives in deep snow and harsh conditions. It is prepared to make your skin appear more radiant.

The SK-II GenOptics Ultraura Essence is now available at SK-II online, and in stores. Be sure to visit any of SK-II’s counters for a complimentary skin consultation and receive a sample of the NEW GenOptics Ultraura Essence from March 2023 (T&C apply).

The SK-II GenOptics Ultraura Essence retails for:
• 30ml – MYR 659
• 50ml – MYR 979
• 75ml – MYR 1299