SKINMADE, a local homegrown brand, has expanded its range with its latest product release — the 15% Vitamin C + Bio Stemcell Super Brightening serum.

This super-brightening serum, which draws inspiration from melanogenesis science, is exquisitely crafted to address numerous pigment pathways and increase skin radiance. In addition to minimising the appearance of dark spots and post-acne marks, it also works wonders to even out the skin tone.

Powered by the INFINITEBRIGHT™, SKINMADE 15% Vitamin C + Bio Stemcell Super Brightening Serum features a patented technology that renders the skin with unmatched brightening, luminosity, and spot-erasing effects.

This revolutionary ingredient, which underwent 10 years of research, reflects the brand’s ethos of fusing beauty with technology. The inclusion of INFINITEBRIGHT™ formula provides a synergistic effect to ensure optimal skin-brightening results.

It is also the world’s first formula to combine a medley of brightening-boosting ingredients, such as ‘The Smart Brightener’ Stem Cells with 3 Brightening-focused Smart Peptides and 11 Powerful Brightening Activators.

Beyond that, the SKINMADE 15% Vitamin C + Bio Stemcell Super Brightening Serum boasts a high bioavailability, referring to its unparalleled penetrative properties and gentle formula of brightening actives that do not exert irritation like regular pure vitamin C serum.

The new 15% Vitamin C + Bio Stemcell Super Brightening Serum, suitable for morning and nightly regimens, is priced at RM249 and is available for purchase on e-commerce sites including TikTok Shop, Shopee, and Lazada. For more information, click this link

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