Remember the trend of cutting our own bangs, trimming our split ends and colouring our hairs during the first quarter of the lockdown, two years ago? Literally, no one cares about our messy-hair looks—no one to judge us. Good ole’ days. However, since we’re slowly bid farewell to lockdown and getting back to the usual norms, there is no denying that getting a hair treatment from the professionals is no match. 

With beauty salons and hairdressers being allowed to reopen for business, this is our time to get the pampering we deserve. Afterall, all those working-from-home scenarios, the never ending zoom calls, work stress and hundred others schedules that require our undivided attention, our hairs often get neglected. So, how about a much-needed appointment, yes

Let Beauty Insider hook you up with one of the best hair salons in the PJ area, Spazio Hair Salon! From what we heard, this hair salon is one of the most sought after beauty bars among the youngsters who are looking for an ultimate hair makeover. From simple cuts to arrays of other hair treatments , you’ll need to visit this hair salon! 

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Get To Know Spazio Salon

Not like your ordinary hair salon, at Spazio Hair studio, they focus on the needs of the customers, offering a variety of solutions for healthier hair and scalp, resolving the problem of scalp dryness and greasiness, and help their customers like you achieve the best-looking hair a la Marion Caunter. Furthermore, Spazio pays attention to consumer preferences, too! You want bouncy hair? Wavy hair? Yup, they’re all ready to serve. Spazio Hair Salon does not stay within one gimmick where you focus just on style, but also, fundamentally enhance your hair and scalp from the root, ensuring that your locks stay healthy until your next confirmed appointment. 

What’s Spazio Salon Specialty? 

According to their site, Spazio highlighted how individual demand has evolved in response to the quick passage of time—especially post-lockdown. People are becoming more concerned with “dressing up” their hair to enhance its inherent attractiveness. This increased knowledge has resulted in an increased desire for maintaining something really attractive and healthy, rather than destroying it in the course of enhancing it. Spazio specialises in techniques, treatments, and spas that enhance the natural beauty of the hair. Spazio salon is armed with educated hair stylists who would walk you through and give detailed advice on a specific hair treatment that you deserve, as well as the best hair-cutting methods to produce the perfect hairstyles for you while also enhancing your hair quality.

What Is Their Price Range?

Getting a hair treatment in Malaysia—especially around high-priced towns like KL and Petaling Jaya—can be costly. You request one simple trim and the next thing you know, you receive a bill with three figures attached at the bottom. Madness. But here at Spazio, you can expect to get a fabulous hair makeover from as low as RM40. All of their treatments are considered affordable, a simple hair treatment should not exceed over RM150 though. 

Where Is Spazio Salon Located?

Spazio Hair Salon is located at JALAN SS15/8A ,47500  Subang Jaya 47500. 

Spazio Hair Salon Operating Hours

Spazio Hair salon operates daily from 11am to 8.30 pm. 

How To Book An Appointment At Spazio Hair Salon? 

You can visit their Instagram, Facebook or give them a call here

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