Spring is all about adding a new style to your makeup routine and be on-trend. During the last season, dark pigmented makeup and floating eyeliner are the way to spice up the winter. Well, it’s long gone now because bright and vibrant lipstick, shimmery eyeshadow, and monochromatic makeup have commanded the runways and red carpet. Ahead, Beauty Insider has rounded the 10 makeup trends for Spring 2021.

10 Makeup Trends for Spring 2021

Nude and glossy

The nude shade has always been the go-to makeup and a classic choice. It’s perfect for an everyday look when you want to achieve a no-makeup look. Just simply choose a lip liner based on your skin tone and a clear lip gloss. Then blend it evenly using a lip brush.

Colorful eyeliner

Are you feeling bored with the regular eyeliner style? A colorful burst of eyeliner is the latest trendy makeup style that will definitely add a little color to your makeup. Why opt for black when you can choose purple, white, or even red! We suggest that you choose a cream-based eyeliner compared to liquid as it contains a formula that makes it much easier to create a cat-eye look.

Monochromatic makeup

Yes, monochromatic makeup is ‘in’ and it can be simply attained by applying the same color theme all over your face, eyes, lips, or even cheeks. If you’re going for coral lipstick, apply the same color theme by choosing warm orange eyeshadow and burnt copper bronzer. However, when you creating monochromatic makeup it’s not necessarily that you’re going to apply the same blue theme on your lips, eyes, and even cheeks. It’s important that you find the balance to ensure a harmonious makeup that complements each other. We love the neon pink eyeshadow that Nicola Coughlan is seen wearing for golden globes, but she still used the same color theme for her lips and cheeks. It’s just perfect.

We can definitely learn from the best, just look at Lizzo, she opted for gorgeous green eyeshadow and balance it with a warm peach blush with a hint of golden hue and peach-toned lip.

Shimmery eyeshadow

From runways to red carpet we’ve seen shimmery eyeshadow making their debut this spring, especially during the Grammys 2021. The shimmery eyeshadow that dua lipa, Meghan Thee Stallion, and H.E.R were seen wearing really makes us levitated. We definitely think that shimmery and single eyeshadow color is here to stay this entire season. Besides, it’s all about glam up your eyes, especially with the global pandemic. Since wearing a mask is a new norm, why not adding an extra oomph to your eyes.

Bold blush

Blusher is all about delivering a subtle flush but why only ends it there? For this spring intensify the blush by applying it on your cheeks, under the brow bone, and temple for a bolder flush look. Plus, you can apply the blusher near the outer corner of the eyes for an illusion of a facelift and youthful look. Some even apply it to the eyelids with bright sheer pink for bohemian-inspired makeup. We suggest that you choose a cream blush to achieve an ethereal flush look.


Minimal makeup and natural-looking skin, the epidemic has transformed our makeup game to be more minimal and with this look seen all over the runways, we definitely know that skinimalism is the latest makeup trend for Spring 2021. Bid your goodbye to full-face makeup, because dewy skin and barely-there makeup are here to stay. We suggest that you use a serum or dewy balm as a prep to attain glowy skin. Then apply a light coverage of foundation and finish it with a cream highlighter or highlighter drops on your cheekbones for an effortless makeup look.

Thick brows

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when we say lily Collins and dua lipa? Indeed their thick brows are definitely to die for. We’ve seen that thick brows are the latest trendy makeup look for this Spring 2021. In order to enhance your natural brows, you can apply a coat of clear eyebrow gel or use brow products to fill the sparse areas and brush it with a clear eyebrow gel for natural-looking brows. When it comes to full and thick brows, keep in mind that looking natural is all that matters. Besides, if you just too lazy to wear any makeup, always make sure that your eyebrows on fleek.

Bright and bold lips

Spice up the Spring 2021 with a bright color lipstick from red, fuchsia, peach to coral. A bright lippie is all you need if you want to go for minimal makeup. We suggest that you look for a long-lasting formula with highly pigmented lipstick to obtain luscious and kissable lips. Besides, if you’re not sure the suitable color that complements your skin tone when in doubt choose red lipstick. You can never go wrong with this one and it really never goes out of style!

Sparkly eyes

Spring 2021 is all about being dazzling and sparkly. If you think shimmery eyeshadow is simply not enough, take it to a next level with a sparkle! Apply a nude or flesh-toned eyeshadow and dab a glitter primer to ensure that the crystal stays in its place. If you’re just starting out, you can place the crystal in the inner corner of the eyes and experiment by adding more crystals with intricate designs to make your eyes pop!

The pandemic has really changed our makeup game and routine, it enables us to experiment and play with it more. If you want to make heads turn (in a good way), we suggest that you place and line the crystals on your lash line or even randomly place them all over your eyelids.

Highlighter pop


This Spring 2021 a generous amount of highlighter is the key to be on-trend this year. Use a puffy brush and apply a generous amount of highlighter on your cheekbones for a gorgeous look. We recommend that you pair it with a bright lipstick like fuchsia, mascara, and blush for a complete trending makeup look.

Author: Balqis Ariffin | Date: 23th March 2021