Are You An Aquaholic? Study Shows That Drinking *Too* Much Water Is No Good

By: Aqilah Najwa Jamaluddin / October 11, 2021
Categories : Wellness

How often do you hear that the primary key to get the smoothest looking skin is to drink eight glasses of water? Or, the never-ending mantras from our parents to consume enough H20 daily for proper hydration? How about to achieve better skin, better immunity and dissolve headaches is to make sure your water hits the bottom of your bottle? But, with all of these infinitely many advantages we could find about ‘’drinking enough water’’, how much is actually enough?

However, there’s a new study shows that drinking too much water throughout our lives could actually pertain to health problems such as developing overhydration body systems, water intoxication problems, better known as hyponatremia—which a case of the inside of cells to flood due to abnormally low sodium levels in your bloodstream. Shocking. On the other hand, studies also detailed consuming too much water—in this case, you’ve probably become an aquaholic, which can lead to debilitating seizures, coma or worse death. 

It is no secret that two thirds of our bodies are made up of a good H20, though, there is no denying that water plays a vital role in balancing out your hydration, controlling your body temperature, and helping to move your brain out optimally. So, in short, drinking water is definitely good—Hello, drinking eight glasses of water daily—but intoxicating your body with *too* much water also ain’t healthy. Your blood needs a little bit of sugar and salt, too. Here, Beauty Insider explains further about the terms Aquaholic, and that you could be one of them.

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How Much Water Should We Be Drinking Daily? 

We often hear that everyone in this world should consume eight glasses of water daily. The phrase keeps playing around us like a broken record—but is there any truth to that? Notable Pharmacist, Sonia Khan from Medicine Direct, explained that in reality, the intake of water daily is different between men and women. For men, bear in mind that you should aim for at least 3.5 litres of water each day, while for the ladies, you should be drinking an average amount of water around 2.7 litres. According to Sonia, she further explained that there is no denying we’re losing the water each time we urinate, bowel movements, even breathing and perspiring. That’s why it is important to keep bottled water next to yours, no matter the occasion, to keep the inside of your body constantly covered in fluid. She further clarified that the good rule of thumb is to check and monitor your hydration status via your urine ‘’activities’’. Your wee colour should be clear as day or even a slight drop of yellow-sih into it. But if there’s a thick yellow, orange or dark coloured attached with a strong smell, that’s a sign you should be consuming more water. The easiest way to familiarize yourself with your body condition is to check the urine colour chart, which you can easily find online. 

What Are The Signs You Could Be An Aquaholic? 

As explained earlier, as you heard, the stigma of drinking water could make you healthier—which, of course it is—but consuming too much H20 could worsen your actual health, too. Drinking and adding too much water can result in low sodium levels in your blood, which lead to all cells in your body to swell. Just imagine if we spent too much time in the water, did you notice how our skin started to swell? Yes, same concept. This applies to your brain function, too. Your brain can only take about 8 to 10% before it reaches the skull and it pushes your brain stem out. So be careful. One of the obvious reasons to see if you drink too much water is how frequently you pay a visit to your restroom. If you begin to notice you start to wake up in the middle of the night because you feel the need to wee, then it’s a sign. Research says that normal people urinate around six to eight times per day, if you excess more than ten times you need to slow down your water intake. Another thing to encounter is you start to feel tired than usual, or experiencing fatigue. This happened due to your body absorbing too much fluid, in result, your kidney had to work extra time to work with the H20 inside your body. Hence, your body will cause a stressful reaction, feeling tired and sleepy all the time.

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Does Drinking Juice Or Tea Equal To Same Water Intake? 

While consuming other beverages like green juice, tea or kombucha is equivalent to daily fluid intake, it is advisable to wash them all down with a good amount of water right after. Sure, all these good drinks had their own beneficial roles but any fluid that has been added with other additional ingredients could somehow promote dehydration thus making you feel restless. So make sure to wash them all with the respective litres of water before you go to bed. 

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