Sudanese Beauty Nyakim Gatwech Is Bestowed With The ‘Queen of Dark’ Title!

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The Sudanese model, Nyakim Gatwech went viral earlier this year after some hailed her for having the “darkest skin on the planet”, and that earned her a spot in the Guinness World Records. And let us clarify that isn’t true at all! Short after the news went viral, the representative of Guinness World Records said they do not “monitor records for skin tone” but this queen doesn’t need any title because her beauty and her matte skin tone are indeed 100% real and mesmerising! The model has amassed over 850,000 followers on Instagram and is very proud of her skin tone. Isn’t she a beauty queen inside and out!

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Hailed as the ‘Queen of Dark’ this 27-year-old supermodel is taking over the beauty and fashion world by storm. We bet you have most probably seen her in hundreds or thousands of covers and be the face of many big fashion brands be it on TV, newspapers, magazines or website. What makes Nyakim stand out among others in her fraternity is that she is incredibly unique that almost no one can forget her. Her unforgettable look and beauty has many to captured so of the biggest beauty brands in the world including Calvin Klein and L’Oreal, just to name a few,

However, things weren’t that easy for this model. The Sudanese born model moved to the US when she was 14 after fleeing with her parents from the civil war in Kenya. She lost two of her siblings in the process but that didn’t stop her from pursuing her dreams in becoming a model. She was bullied and teased for her dark skin but today she is graced with the titled of the ‘Queen of Dark’, who has also graced a handful of fashion magazine covers and has more under belt! We hope she’ll be an inspiration to young girls out there who are struggling to accept their ethnicity and skin tone.