With just a few minutes until our nine am virtual meeting, I thoughtfully set up my laptop and a cup of joe to begin the day. This morning routine has become the usual schedule to align the daily plans with my fellow writers. Although I’m quite lucky to say that my so-called bedroom is a makeshift office, my day-to-day tasks often revolve around tight deadlines. As a beauty editor, I often need to dash in and out of the door to attend internal meetings, event launches while also cranking out multiple compelling pieces in a day.

With such a typical day at work, it is important for me to feel confident about myself, especially when meeting new people. Here’s the real tea: as a person who is prone to excessive sweating, the hot, gruelling weather that is so synonymous with Malaysia is certainly not my best friend. Admittedly, I knew that I needed to amp up my body care routine asap to beat the unpleasant body odour. Lo and behold, since I tried out Summerie, I can confidently say that the body wash range keeps me refreshed throughout the day without having to worry about the slightest hint of odour.

Prioritising Self Care Above Others 

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The workday of a beauty editor is known to be hectic. With the continuous need to highlight the insurgence of beauty news, from innovative treatments and buzzworthy products to the latest makeup trends, I am always on the lookout to ensure timeliness when it comes to newsworthy pieces.

Oftentimes, my average workday as a beauty editor is quite packed. I spend over a half hour reading and responding to emails after the regular virtual meeting at nine am. If there’s time before afternoon, I might squeeze in news on the latest trends. After lunchtime, my schedule is solely occupied with events or even meetings, depending on the day. It was usually followed by an editing session on the stories that were due to be published tomorrow. Before 6 pm, it was certainly a race against the clock to finish my article for the day.

However, regardless of such a hectic schedule, I always try to balance my time between my career and personal life. Apart from spending time with my loved ones, I usually take a moment to be in tune with my inner self, which also includes self care sessions. This intuitive routine has enabled me to feel more confident about myself whenever I meet new people while also improving my overall wellness. Needless to say, it is the crux of my work-life balance philosophy.

Stepping Out Confidently With Summerie’s Body Wash Range 

As a beauty editor, working alongside other people through meetings and events is the quintessential part of the job. Therefore, I always feel the need to have a boost of confidence whenever I’m at work. I might be stating the obvious, but I’m a firm believer in smelling good.

A fragrance works beyond delivering a divine scent instead, it helps to alleviate your mood and make you feel far more confident. Particularly with the hot and humid weather we’re living in, the excessive sweating that often causes unpleasant body odour is regarded as a setback when meeting new people.

Personally, I’m a go-getter when it comes to a brand that champions clean formulations, and Summerie is one of the brands that has been making waves. After incorporating the entire collection into my bath time routine for a few months, I can confidently declare myself a certified Summerluv.

Summerie’s body wash line includes four pH-skin balanced variants: Summerie Chamomile Purifying Body Wash, Summerie Grapefruit Purifying Body Wash, Summerie Ginger Refreshing Body Wash, and Summerie Passion Fruit Refreshing Body Wash.On a weekly basis, I usually alternate between these different variants, as each of them delivers astounding benefits and a divine scent that lingers throughout the day.

The body washes come in a refillable bottle with captivating pastel-colored packaging, which hints at the brand’s core essence of paradisal summer vibes. All of Summerie’s body washes are augmented with organic sunflower seed oil, which is brimming with antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins like A, B, C and E as well as minerals. These essential nutrients work together to deeply replenish the skin, giving it a silky and soft appearance. What’s more, the products also contain chlorhexidine digluconate, an antibacterial agent that can kill 99.9% of germs and ward off odour-causing bacteria.

The Summerie Chamomile Purifying Body Wash was one of the first products that I tried out from the range, and honestly, I absolutely love it. This power-packed bottle houses hydro essence chamomile extract as its star ingredient, which delivers soothing and purifying properties. It imparts a burst of calming fragrance, which transmutes my experience into a tranquil chamomile field.

I was also pleasantly surprised to know that the floral scent envelops my skin for long hours, which keeps me feeling refreshed all day during work. As I suffer from sensitive skin, I’m quite wary of the products that I incorporate into my beauty routine. However, the Summerie Chamomile Purifying Body Wash has amazed me tremendously as it works wonders to soothe the redness and itchiness that I often experience.

If I have an important meeting, I love to start off my day with the Summerie Grapefruit Purifying Body Wash. Thanks to the grapefruit scent, it elicits a citrusy fragrance that invigorates my senses instantly. The scent incrementally lingers as I lather it up and even after drying off. With its impeccable all-day staying power, it is my go-to if I have a packed schedule during the day.

The Summerie Grapefruit Purifying Body Wash is steeped with grapefruit extract, which contains high concentrations of amino acids and vitamin C. Plus, this wonder ingredient helps to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while retaining the skin’s hydration level. After trying the Summerie Grapefruit Purifying Body Wash for a few weeks, I can definitely say that it is a surefire product to attain silky smooth and brighter-looking skin. I’m just completely awed at how it gently sloughs off dead skin cells without causing any irritation or dryness.

My personal favourite, though? The ever-fantastic Summerie Ginger Refreshing Body Wash.The aromatic fragrance of ginger evokes a zingy scent that is refreshing, helping to turn my bathtime session into a wondrous one. Similar to its other variants, it works like a charm in fighting body odour. In fact, I once juggled multiple outdoor events and meetings in one day, but even after such hassle under the scorching sun, there was not the slightest hint of body odour.

The Summerie Ginger Refreshing Body Wash is powered by ginger extract, a wonder ingredient known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally, ginger is teeming with gingerol and gingerdiol compounds, which are proven effective to promote skin toning while preventing itchiness and irritation. Coupled with organic sunflower seed oil, the Summerie Ginger Refreshing Body Wash helped to transform my dehydrated skin into soft and supple in just one use. 

Honestly, the Summerie Passion Fruit Refreshing Body Wash is the perfect indulgence in my beauty repertoire. Apart from producing a luxurious lather of frothy bubbles, it features a divine fragrance that reminds me of a tropical beach. With deadlines always peeking around the corner, I tend to feel worn out the night before. However, the Summerie Passion Fruit Refreshing Body Wash is the ideal perk-me-up product to start my morning bath time routine. The mood-boosting fragrance also helps to melt my stress away, making me feel more positive after a long day at work.

As you might have guessed, passion fruit extract is the star of its impeccable formulation. It is packed with antioxidants, which can improve firmness and accelerate skin cell regeneration. After using the Summerie Passion Fruit Refreshing Body Wash religiously for a couple of months, I am certain that it is a godsend product. It works beyond just transforming my rough skin. As a matter of fact, I started to notice that my skin looked more youthful and healthier than before.

As a beauty editor, I am often susceptible to excessive sweating and body odour due to my packed schedule, which requires me to attend several meetings and events in a day. However, Summerie’s body wash range has exceeded my expectations. Nothing can truly beat these cult favourite body wash products to make me confident, prepared and ready to take over the world.

I was elated to know that the products dissolved impurities, oil and dirt as well as products that are hard to cleanse, like sunscreen and body lotion easily. Most of all, its high-performance formulation eliminates 99.9% of germs, which makes it highly effective in targeting odour-causing bacteria. Needless to say, I felt pretty confident without having to worry about any unpleasant body odour when meeting people. 

Beat Unpleasant Odour With Summerie’s Body Wash Range

The Summerie’s Body Wash Range which comprises of four variants namely Summerie Chamomile Purifying Body Wash, Summerie Grapefruit Purifying Body Wash, Summerie Ginger Refreshing Body Wash and Summerie Passion Fruit Refreshing Body Wash are retail at RM10.90 (325ml) and RM17.90 (650ml). These body washes are available exclusively at Guardian and other major online retailers such as Shopee and Lazada.

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