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Sunsilk Malaysia’s New Natural Line Will Def Make Your Scalp ‘Hair-ppier’!

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One of the most common hair problem most Malaysian girls face itchiness which then leads to excessive hair loss, hair thinning, sensitive scalp, and so much more. Are you one of those suffering from this issue (don’t worry, you’re not alone) Most of us from Beauty Insider Malaysia suffer from these typical issues too. We’re all in this together, gais (sadly!!!) and guess what Sunsilk Malaysia latest release is the answer to all your scalp problems!

These Products Will Give Your Scalp and Hair TWICE the Hydration!

Image from Watsons / Facebook

This new line by Sunsilk Malaysia is specially formulated to pamper your scalp and give it all the care it needs. In fact, it said that the shampoos and conditioners in this premium line will give your scalp and hair TWICE the hydration!

There are two main products in this new line:

  1. Sunsilk Natural Damask Rose & Aloe Vera (Hydrate & Revitalize)
  2. Sunsilk Natural Daisy & Peach (Hydrate & Soften)

So, what you waiting for guys?! Say goodbye to those dry, damaged strands and hello to gorgeously silky hair, plus a healthy scalp too thanks to Sunsilk Malaysia!

All The Ingredients of The Products Are Chosen by Malaysian Girls Through Voting!

Image from k-fangirledits / Tumgir

Sunsilk Malaysia was determined to create a line that would specifically cater to all the hair problems Malaysians girls face. So, they geniusly came up with an idea to let Malaysian girls chose the ingredients they want in their haircare products! So, they ran a survey to find out just what kind of scalp and hair problems Malaysian girls have (genius right?!) The girls even got to vote on which ingredients they preferred. yaaas!

Here are more details on the ingredients and its benefits:

1. Damask rose:
– Hydrates the hair
– Packed with vitamins to moisturise scalp surface

2. Aloe vera:
– Gel-like texture to provide easy penetration of nutrients
– Provides nourishment for your hair needs

3. Daisy:
– Contains antioxidants
– Reduce scalp inflammation
– Rejuvenating

4. Peach:
– Rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K which are excellent moisturising properties
– Strengthens hair follicles

Once they got the ingredient list then Sunsilk Malaysia worked with local celebrity, Didi Astillah to co-create the haircare range. Oh, did we mention that the whole line infused with 100% natural extracts?! Try the new Sunsilk Natural line to give your scalp twice the hydration for a health and clean scalp.

Get The New Sunsilk Naturals Line Now As It Is Available in Malaysia Only!

Another highlight of this new line is that it is exclusive to Malaysia means the Naturals line won’t be available anywhere else (cuz we special like that) So grab the products in the Watsons near you while stock last. You’ll be the envy of all with your healthy and beautiful hair!