SuperDNA Sdn Bhd, a genetic testing company, is releasing the Ultimate DNA Test today, offering the Malaysian public the first Personal Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS).

“SuperDNA is designed to provide ultimate service and support for anyone looking to make ideal choices to lead a healthier life. When it comes to genetic testing, it is not about the number of reports you’ll be receiving or how much the test is going to cost – having the right professional advice is equally necessary to make preventive or corrective measures according to one’s DNA results”, said Stefanie Chow, Chief Scientific Officer at SuperDNA.

Giving individuals the opportunity to learn about their bodies and the best solutions for individual health conditions, allowing them to make the best choices for a healthy life. This locally owned and operated Direct To Consumer (DTC) company is offering Health and Wellness measures to everyone.

SuperDNA employs the world’s most comprehensive DNA sequencing technology, which performs a full scan that analyses 100% of the human DNA. As opposed to other genetic tests such as Genotyping Technology, which only examines 0.01% of the DNA, or Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), which examines only 2% of the tested DNA.

This extensive analysis can provide customers with over 1,700 reports across 30 categories like Nutrition, Drug Response, Carrier Screening, Common Disease Risk, and Hereditary Diseases.  

Customers may place an order for the test of their choice on the website. Following that, once consumers have their test kits, they must supply a saliva sample and ship it back to SuperDNA’s testing lab.

It may take up to 30 days for the results to be updated. The services, however, do not stop there. Customers are invited to walk-in or schedule Google Meet meetings with SuperDNA’s panel of experts to discuss and plan how to best use their DNA test results. Their offices are in Bangsar South.

SuperDNA Genetic Tests

There are three sorts of test kits available: the Essential (RM699), the Complete (RM2,499), and the Ultimate (RM4,999) per test. For all three tests, the technique remains the same. The procedure is non-invasive and straightforward.

SuperDNA’s genetic testing kits meet a wide range of consumer requirements. The three alternatives allow customers to select the greatest fit for their needs and ambitions.

SuperDNA’s Essential Wellness Test includes seven categories and over 700 reports. It serves as a beginning point for many people who want to improve their diet, fitness, lifestyle, and overall wellness.

The SuperDNA Complete test delivers information on 21 areas and over 1,300 reports. It contains everything from the Essential test as well as information on cancer risks, heart disease risk, diabetes risk, brain and mental health, and drug response.

SuperDNA’S Ultimate test kit

The Ultimate test is SuperDNA’s most comprehensive test. It offers information in 30 categories and approximately 1,700 reports. In addition to everything in the Complete set, the Ultimate test contains studies on cancer-causing mutation, family planning, and hereditary diseases. 

Benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing

WGS identifies genetic variations that raise a person’s susceptibility to avoidable diseases. This information can be utilised to establish better behaviours that are tailored to each individual. WGS can also help with customised wellness and nutrigenomics to develop healthier behaviours, such as food choices.

SuperDNA is offering a 10% discount on all purchases to all clients from now through September 20th, while supplies last. To receive the discount, enter the code SUPERDNA10 at checkout. To purchase, visit here.

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