You don’t have to be Kourtney Kardashian’s second coming, a recyclist obsession, a drawer full of vegan synthetic makeup brushes or a shelf full of non-animal derived cosmetic care to start advocating for safe and clean beauty products. With the correlation between the pandemic and the way we view cleanliness—not to mention the concern surrounding pollution, germs and sustainability, more consumers are opting for cleaner products. 

The thought of finding beauty products that are free from harsh chemicals like parabens, phthalates, sulfates and artificial fragrances may seem difficult, but in truth, Malaysian local beauty markets have long been championing these green & clean lifestyles. You don’t need to stray far away from our local brand to find natural skincare that suits the needs of your skin. Just like Khléan Beauty, the newest member in town that goes beyond just recyclable and reusable packaging. As the name suggests, the brand covers each step in the product life cycle; from sourcing ingredients, to logistics, all set for more dynamic outcomes. 

The founder, Syameen Salehaldin, who is a journalism grad delved into the beauty business along with her boyfriend, to produce clean beauty products, and keeping our beautiful Earth a little cleaner by constantly making a conscious effort to limit waste whenever possible. And thanks to Syameen, Beauty Insider is now aware of the importance of using powerful ingredients that help make you glow inside and out—at the same time, protecting the planet. 

(Source: Khléan Beauty)

Tell us a little bit about how you started Khléan Beauty?

‘’I started this company with my boyfriend, Farriz Khan, who is the co-founder of Khléan. At the time when the idea was brewing, mental health and wellness came into focus amid the global pandemic, so the way I tolerated certain things changed. I became more aware of my feelings, how others treated me, doing things on a more meaningful level and in general, what I needed in my life. I knew I needed a different environment where I can sow my adoration for beauty even more. So, my boyfriend suggested that we create a brand together. He is a businessman, so he knew the ins and outs when it came to creating a business and I had experiences in the beauty industry, and digital marketing.

So, we started seeding the plan of creating a genderless, clean beauty brand in July 2020 because, we saw the lack of it in Malaysia and we wanted to grow the local market even more. But, despite that, we’re both actually very passionate about greenifying our lives further be it in skincare or the choices we make in our daily lives. So, we wanted to create something we both believed in – in terms of ethos and functional use.’’ 

When talking about clean beauty—for the majority of people, the pillar can be confusing since many brands greenwash their products. What do you think is the edge of Khléan Beauty from other natural skin care lines?

‘’When it comes to Khléan Beauty, we define it as plant-powered skincare that is formulated with safe ingredients, simple and effective for your skin – without harming the Earth. Our brand is not only committed to creating clean beauty products, but we’re also keeping our beautiful Earth a little cleaner by constantly making a conscious effort to limit waste whenever possible. All of our packaging are FSC Certified, made from recyclable materials and are recyclable. Even our lip balms are stored in recyclable aluminium tubes rather than plastic or paper. We chose aluminium because it takes 95 less energy to recycle it and almost 75 percent of all the aluminium ever produced to date is still in use today.

And the best part, all the formulating, manufacturing, and producing is done by fellow Malaysians, which will help showcase the talents we have within our country. And for us, who doesn’t love finding everything in one place – easier on us and the environment. We’re trying to pioneer a future where we no longer need to use materials that harm the environment to make our products and I hope that makes us a little bit special.’’

(Source: Khléan Beauty)

How did you go about deciding on the three current products that you have?

‘’There’s an infinite scale of skin concerns for us to look at when it comes to formulating and creating a product. We wanted to start somewhere small where we could build a safe and trustable environment for our community. We thought that lip balms would be a great place to start, because it’s nothing too complex for your skin but it’s still an important element you need in your routine.’’

You’re so passionate about advocating clean beauty through your products. Why is this important to you?

‘’The choices we make now make a difference for future generations. I think it’s important for us to make a liveable planet for our children, which is why we’re so passionate about going green and trying our best to constantly make ethical choices. Creating clean beauty products is our first step into improving the quality of our lives, but also our skin and health.’’

What do you hope your customer feels when wearing the product?

‘’Khléan isn’t just about protecting the planet, It is also about using powerful ingredients that help make you glow inside and out. We hope that our community feels confident, glowing and happy when they wear Khléan. But, I also hope people feel more passionate to spread joy, education and inspiration to be clean.’’

What are your top five clean beauty essentials?

‘’Khléan Beauty’s Goodness Lip Balm in Rose, Youth To The People Superfood Cleanser, Tata Harper’s Resurfacing BHA Glow Mask, Farmacy Green Clean Makeup Removing Cleansing Balm and Supergoop Glow Screen. I bring these cult beauties everywhere I go!’’

What’s the best beauty advice you ever received?

‘’To apply sunscreen whether you are in the house or outside, because it can help reduce your risk of skin cancer.’’

What do you think is the most underrated beauty practice?

‘’Educate yourself on your skin type or concerns and understand what your skin actually needs. Less is more, so keeping to just your essentials will help keep your skin in a place it should be. And, it’s also important to educate yourself on your underlying health, and not just physical appearance. How you take care of your digestion, mental health and general well-being plays an important role in seeing a radiant, clear complexion – a strong indication that the body is in a healthy state. ‘’

(Source: Khléan Beauty)

What can we expect next from Khléan Beauty and Syameen Salehaldin herself?

‘’We are in the midst of developing our next product, which will take a bit of time as skincare is technical and intricate, and we like to be thorough with it. We would also love to expand Khléan Beauty overseas once the Covid-19 restrictions for shipping have been lifted. And, most importantly, we want our brand to continue being sustainable and eco-friendlier. We hope to find better options for our packaging and become 100 per cent plastic-free when the opportunity comes along. From production to packaging, we’re constantly identifying new ways to greenify our goods.

As for me, I’d love to pioneer change and be one of the many faces of green beauty for the local market. And, just continue making Khléan better than ever.’’

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