Inspired by the Japanese tradition of forest bathing, the Tatcha Forest Awakening Body Collection encapsulates naturally healing phytoncides to revitalise the body and mind.

The newly launched collection comprises three products, Tatcha Hinoki Body Wash, Tatcha Hinoki Body Milk and Tatcha Hinoki Body Oil, which can transform your body care ritual into a spa getaway. 

Tatcha Forest Awakening Body Collection

Sourced from the healing trees of Japan’s forests, the Forest Awakening Body Collection harnesses the power of Japanese hinoki, cedar, and hiba essential oils, which are rich in phytoncides. 

These organic compounds provide the benefits of forest air by reducing stress, boosting mood, and helping improve overall well-being.

It is also augmented with Hadasei-3™, a proprietary complex of double-fermented Akita rice, Uji green tea, and Okinawa algae. They work in tandem to nourish the skin and promote a healthy-looking complexion.

The Tatcha Forest Awakening Body Collection

Tatcha Hinoki Body Wash 

Tatcha Hinoki Body Wash is an exfoliating gel body scrub that works wonders to cleanse your skin from impurities while stimulating all of your senses. Thanks to the cellulose, this natural physical exfoliant ensures that your skin looks softer and smoother instantly. 

Tatcha Hinoki Body Milk 

With a concoction of squalane and peach tree extract, this lightweight body lotion helps quench thirsty skin by doubling the skin’s moisture. While, the calming scent will transport you into the lush greenery of nature. 

Tatcha Hinoki Body Oil 

Tatcha Hinoki Body Oil boasts a non-greasy texture that seamlessly envelopes the skin with a blend of ultra-nourishing ingredients. It seals in the moisture for a visibly supple skin and the mood-lifting scent will surely help to melt your stress away.

Tatcha Forest Awakening Body Collection will be available at Sephora’s official website, Sephora in-app and in-stores from 26th January 2023.

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