Teens, you’re fortunate to have more access to beauty than ever before! Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok make it simple to explore new beauty items as soon as they become accessible. Furthermore, celebrities and beauty influencers are aggressively presenting their beauty routines through free, in-depth ASMR video. 

Despite this, finding the ideal products for your specific skin isn’t any easy. Given that you are still young and your skin is prone to damage and irritation, you must exercise extreme caution while selecting beauty products. Especially in Malaysia where hot weather plays it part for the whole year, (please, apply sunscreen!).

We know it excites you to purchase your first beauty branded items at Sephora, but please study the ingredients safely, and most importantly make sure the company practises ‘’suitable for teenage skin’’ safety. With so many options, it can be difficult to actually locate makeup that suits your skin type. 

Hence, we here at Beauty Insider decided to put on the ‘’big sister role’’ hat and present you with a list of beauty brands in Malaysia that are totally suitable for teenagers! 

Teenage Beauty Products in Malaysia

1. BeauTyra 

Tyra Kamaruzzaman is well-known for her unwavering dedication to cosmetics and her company BeauTyra. She has achieved remarkable success as a young founder, particularly for her beauty business and for setting new trends in the Malaysian beauty industry. 

Tyra founded BeauTyra with one objective in mind: to produce campaigns and beauty products for everyone, regardless of size or skin colour. She wants everyone to feel involved and to understand what it’s like to see the products they love on a model who looks like them.

Read our conversation with Tyra Kamaruzzaman here. 

Where to shop: BeauTyra

2. NITA Cosmetic

If you like to buy your beauty essentials from a local firm, you’ve definitely aware of Nita Cosmetics—with over 60k followers on Instagram, Nita Cosmetics has made a significant impact in Asia’s beauty sector. Aznita Azman, the person behind the brand itself, utilises her position as a beauty-preneur to emphasise the relevance of Malaysian culture through her companies.

Read our conversation with Aznita Azman here

Where to shop: NITA Cosmetic

3. Emina 

Emina, a renowned beauty brand for teenagers hailing all the way from Indonesia, is now available in Malaysia. Emina offers an extensive range of Halal-certified skincare collections that include the Bright Stuff, Bright Stuff for Acne Prone, Ms Pimple, Skin Buddy, Aloe Vera, Sun Battle and Lip Care series. 

What’s more, this Indonesia’s leading beauty brand also offers a diverse range of cosmetic products such as Glossy Stain, Magic Potion, Creamy Tint, Lip Cream Matte, Cheeklit Cream Blush, and Cheeklit Pressed Blush and many more.

Where to shop: Watsons, Shopee

4. Breena Beauty

Sabrina Tajuddin, a local beauty guru and blogger, established Breena Beauty. The brand features a well-stocked assortment of face, eye, lip, and hair care products that are also halal and suitable for our Muslim sisters to utilise. Breena Beauty has introduced a variety of vibrant beauty goods since its debut in 2014. And while there are many options available, our personal favourite for you to try is their wonderful collection of cosmetic brushes.

Where to shop: Breena Beauty, Watsons, Shopee

5. SO.LEK Cosmetic

Nothing wows us more upon learning the phrase behind SO.LEK (literally means, SO? Relax!). The phrase was frequently used by siblings cum founders, Dahlia Nadirah and Luqman Hakim. They then decided to incorporate those two catchy words into the branding itself. 

Dahlia was inspired to create an inexpensive, yet high-quality beauty line after visiting neighbourhood shops in New York City. There, she noted the competitive price between beauty products without sacrificing the quality of the product. To date, the brand features a wide range of beauty goods, but their must have items are the lip mattes and nail polishes.

Where to shop: SO.LEK Cosmetics, Shopee 


Silky Girl was first launched in 2005 and has expanded at a rapid pace to become one of the industry’s top names. Silky Girl is currently one of Malaysia’s top beauty brands. It’s difficult not to notice their imprint in Watsons and Guardian. It provides a full line of skin and beauty items products, including makeup, perfume, lip care, and much more, at an affordable price.

Where to shop: SILKYGIRL, Watsons, Guardian

7. Maybelline

This brand needs no introduction. And if we were to explain how and why Maybelline successfully became everyone’s go-to beauty brand, the list could take up ages. Besides the brand’s reasonable prices, they’re also easily accessible at your local drugstore, making it a win-win situation for everyone. From their fan fave foundation to lip care and eye products, Maybelline is best known for their beginner-friendly items. 

Where to shop: Maybelline, Watsons, Guardian


Another notable brand; MILANI is all about quality, diversity, and modernity for all skin types, tones and backgrounds. Their beauty products—especially their eye makeup department—always enchant us with their cheerful and vibrant hues. For teenagers who are starting to indulge in the makeup world, we suggest you try MILANI’s eyeshadows palette and colourful blushers. We’re obsessed, and you should, too!

Where to shop: Watsons, Shopee

9. Rare Beauty

Without a doubt, a well-known beauty brand that you’ll find yourself purchasing whenever you visit Sephora. Selena Gomez’s beauty collections provide products that will quickly become your essentials, thanks to their great formulations, appealing, approachable packaging, and vast range of colours.

Where to shop: Rare Beauty, Sephora

10. Benefit

While it isn’t particularly new or created specifically for teenagers, Benefit Cosmetics will remain a go-to for amazing eye products. And, because most of their products cater to sensitive skin, we honestly feel that this brand is appropriate for the sensitive teenage skins. 

It’s a true choice for anybody looking for items that are worth every penny—and it’s a teen favourite worldwide. To make your eyes pop, pick up their Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel and Roller Lash Mascara. 

Where to shop: Benefit, Sephora

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