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The 4 Golden Rules To Stop Frizzy Hair

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A halo of frizz is far from a girl’s best friend, and being surrounded by a humid environment certainly doesn’t help. Have you been wondering how to finally conquer your stubborn locks once and for all? Here are a few prime tips to keep in mind:

Bubbles Mean Trouble:

bubbles means trouble

We all love to pamper our hair with a luxurious lather of shampoo, but beware, unless the products you’re using are SLS free, you’re probably doing more harm than good. Ingredients like SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) are what makes your shampoo foam up in the shower, but it comes with a harsh side effect: Regular usage will strip away the healthy oils your scalp naturally produces, leaving you with dry, brittle strands once it’s time to style it. Save yourself the trouble and the ditch those nasty chemicals.

Don’t Over-Wash

frizzy hair

If you’re battling frizz on a regular basis, then you might be shampooing your hair too often. While it’s great to feel refreshed and to get rid of product build-up, washing your hair too often will also get rid of those important natural oils. Many find that washing their hair every other day or every two days, leads to softer, easier to manage hair. Finding the right balance that works for you can be a little tricky at first, but in the end, your hair will thank you for it!

Keep It Moisturized!

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Leave in hair conditioner and hydrating hair oils are an absolute lifesaver! If you’re prone to wild hair, that probably means its a bit dried out. Effectively tame your mane by massaging small amounts of leave-in conditioner (Sunsilk and Dove have great options) after you shower, and add a few drops of hair oil (Coconut and argan oil works great with most hair types) to your ends. To avoid that greasy look, start with small amounts until you know how much product your hair can handle.

Dry It Gently

hair drying

In hair-care, you could be doing everything right, but if you’re drying your hair too harshly, then odds are you aren’t going to like the end result. All that hot air and tousling can take a toll and lead to breakage. The ideal would be air drying, although that’s not the most time-sensitive solution. Buying a cold air diffuser for your hair dryer is another great option. Drying your hair with a diffuser is a great way to bring out your natural texture, without all the damage and extra puffiness.

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Hopefully, these tips will send you in the right direction for your hair-care journey! It might be hard to deal with a windy day or muggy, hot weather, but once you’ve got the right tools in your arsenal your hair will slay any day of the week. 

Written by Elysha Arnold