Before we begin, let us take a moment to recall the perpetual question since old age—do blondes have more fun? The answer is yes, yes absolutely. And the queen of blonde, Marilyn Monroe has long proof that blondie indeed brings more excitement compared to other hair colours. Okay, don’t get us wrong, we appreciate and admire all hair colours in this world but hey, even Billie Eilish admitted to have spending a total of six weeks dyeing her jet-black root hair to all-over creamy blonde—and as expected, she broke the internet with her shocking transformation. 

See, what we’re trying to say here is that blonde hair colours are much easier when it comes to ‘’attracting attention’’—because the options are endless, and when speaking of blonde, it doesn’t necessarily have to be one specific golden streak colour. There are a variety of other blonde colours that you may or may have not yet discovered. For example, the classic one of course, called platinum blonde, the most famous of them all. And there’s honey blonde, suny blonde, winter blonde, and champagne blush. 

So, if you girls (and guys) are looking for inspiration to have your hair dyed blonde, you’ve come to the right place. Beauty Insider brings you some blonde 101—to help you find the right colour that suits your skin tones. If you’re looking for a sign to go blonde, well, here it is. 

Can Dyeing Cause Hair Damage? 

We believe that there is much more explanation behind this perception of, ‘’Don’t dye your hair, it’ll forever damage your roots.’’ So we decided to dig some information and luckily, we found a recent interview with celebrity hair colourist, Alex Brownsell, where he discussed further about the misconception of hair dye. In the interview he explained that a good hair dye is like a good pair of jeans. If you look after them, care for them and be gentle with them, it lasts longer. Dyeing your hair is actually less complicated than what most people acclaimed it to be. Alex then proceeded explaining, ‘’Bleaching or dyeing hairs need proper precautions. Doesn’t matter what base colour you’re after, leaving it to dry on your hair for too long is the reason behind hair damage. So if you decide to colour your own at home, learn how to time properly. And you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair.’’ Gotcha!

How To Protect Your Blonde Hair? 

Again, the same technique we use to protect our skin, it applies to our hair as well. When it comes to dyed hair or bleached hair, layering them with an elixir, heat protection and masker are definitely the key to keeping the glossy effect and the colour to last longer. Again, according to celebrity hair colourist, Alex Brownsell, he reminded anyone who’s planning on dyeing their or might have already dyed their hair, to invest in some good tinted hair mask and conditioner. Tinted conditioner is a great option when it comes to keeping the colour fresh. So you don’t have to worry about fading problems after a few months. Also, he suggested ditching your hair dryer and any other styling tools in the first month after getting your hair dyed. Instead, opt for a softer approach which is using a microfiber towel to dry your hair. 

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Which Blonde Colour Suits You The Most? 

It’s literally the same way you learn to familiarize yourself with the right foundation shade! It all lies behind the ‘’cool tones’’ or ‘’warm tones’’ subject. The good rule of thumb is to always remember your natural skin undertones, with this, it’ll be much easier for you to find the right colours for both makeup and hair. Anyhow, if you have a warmer undertones, colours like caramel, copper or ginger blonde are perfect for you but if you have cool undertones, we suggest you go ashy blonde ala Daenerys Targaryen or full icy blonde like Halle Berry in the X-Men. 

The Trending Blonde Colours To Try Now 

1. Bright Highlights 

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If you’re afraid to go fully blonde, then we suggest you get comfortable with highlighting first. Take a cue from Queen Bey here, instead of dyeing her hair fully blonde, she took an alternative to keep a few of her dark streak and highlighting some parts to further enhance her appearance. It also looks more natural because the colour blends smoothly and mixes along your natural colour. So you don’t have to freak out about fully transitioning your look!

2. The It-Girl Blonde

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For you with cooler undertones or lighter skin tones, this baby-blonde colour is so much more natural and universal-flattering compared to icy or full-on platinum blonde. If you’re opting for this colour, ask for a baby-blonde or cool-honey blonde shades from your hairstylist. Or just simply show this picture, they’ll get it! Enjoy!

3. Subtle Blonde

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First of all, ain’t Gigi looked stunning in this hair colour? Her life is literally #goals (but that’s another story). As for this hair color, it really compliments and enhances any skin tones. Doesn’t matter if you have warm undertones or cool undertones, this colour will look great on you. If you adore this colour and plan to get it, try to ask for ‘’sandy tonal’’ highlights. It’s like an ashy blonde but with a hint of grey tones. 

4. Melted Blonde

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Similar to Queen Bey’s shade but slightly darker. Hailey Bieber is a great example when it comes to this melted-pecan-blondie look. It’s a perfect mix of blonde and brunette. Suitable for warmer undertones, and for those of you who prefer a low-maintenance appearance, try this colour. It looks so appealing especially under the sun, popping out those two-dimensional shades. Ask to maintain your natural hair shade from the roots all the way to the middle part, and subtly highlight the remaining perimeter. 

5. Icy Platinum 

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This colour is daring enough to attract any attention! Zoe Kravotz debuted this hair colour at the MET Gala event a few years back and she looks stunning. Despite her warmer shades, you can see the platinum pixie hair really helps in elevating her look. However, if you’re planning on getting this colour, be sure to get a professional treatment or someone who specialize in hair colouring. It’s a bit complicated to work with this colour. So you better book an appointment and ask for pure-white platinum colour. 

6. Royal Blonde 

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We honestly live for this Anya-Taylor Joy’s blonde shade. It will look stunning for you with lighter skin tones—and there’s a reason why this colour is called the Royal Blonde because look at how glistening the effect is. The shade is somewhat blonde, almost platinum but still maintains the yellow undertones. If you are keen on dyeing your hair this colour, request for a warm platinum blonde. Again, we suggest you seek an experienced hairstylist when it comes to this colour. It requires good work to give you the result you desire. Some people stepped out of the salon looking washed out because they went for a cheaper treatment instead of a specialist. 

7. Winter White

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Last but not least, if you’re bold enough, go for this rare but stunning winter, icy and nordic pearl colour. Honestly, we can’t even describe how pearly this colour is but you get what we’re trying to say right? If you dare to choose this colour, please do extra research and learn about this colour as much as possible. Rumour has it that it will take at least 8 hours to get the right winter shade. Wow. But anyway, if you’re really into this colour, it’ll be worth the wait. Right

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