The sight is one of the biggest gifts we have among our six senses. We are all aware of this hence, we need to take good care of this gift. With many eye care products filling the shelves, you must ask yourself which are the best and which ones would work best for you. Noticing these questions, as your BFF of all things Health and Beauty, we’re here to give you insight on our top picks of eye care products for healthy eyesight in Malaysia. 

The eyes are the window to the soul, and it is the window that connects us to our surroundings. With the world continuing to modernise into a digital world, filled with screens to please us visually, we may experience our eyes growing tired, dry, and stressed. After doing some digging, here are the top five eye care products that were created and proven to help you maintain a healthy eyesight. 

Top 4 Eye Care Products In Malaysia

The Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops

Tired eyes, dry eyes, and irritation are some factors that leave you in discomfort throughout your daily activities. But why suffer through them? In the age where your eyes will more than likely undergo digital eye strain, your eyes will need some refreshment throughout the day. Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops has an ultra-cooling formula that refreshes, soothes, and relieves irritation and redness in an instant! One of the reasons we rate this product so highly is because of how easy it is to use because of its patented nozzle that gives precisely one drop at any angle. It’s cooling effect especially enticed us especially after hours of staring at our screens. To use, put 1 to 2 drops in your affected eye(s) up to 4 times daily and enjoy its refreshing effects. 

Purchase Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops for RM18.90 at any drugstore, pharmacy and on Shopee

Read more about Rohto Extra Cool Eye Drops here

Allergan Refresh Tears Eye Drops

The Allergan Refresh Tears Eye Drops is created with preservatives that provides you with a long lasting relief that you will enjoy. Dryness, and itchiness are among the few problems that this eye drops addresses. Besides those it restores the moisture in the eyes as it has a specially curated formula that contains similar health qualities as your natural tears. For temporary relief from itchiness or discomfort apply a few drops onto your eyes. The Allergan Refresh Tears Eye Drops can also be used as a protectant against irritation prior to occurrence by applying a few drops at the beginning of your day. 

Allergan Refresh Tears Eye Drops can be purchased at Watsons Online for RM19.23. 

EYE GLO Relieves Sore, Swollen & Watery Eyes Eye Drop

If you often experience swollen, sore, and watery eyes, EYE GLO Relieves Sore, Swollen & Watery Eyes Eye Drops would do just the trick to restore comfort to your eyes. Primarily, this eye drop is made to provide relief as the name suggests. If you are often exposed to pollutants such as dust or smoke, swollen and sore eyes may be no stranger to you. That is when this eye drop comes in handy! 

Purchase EYE GLO Relieves Sore, Swollen & Watery Eyes Eye Drops for RM8.20 online here

SYSTANE Complete Eye Drops 

Made for dry eyes, SYSTANE Complete Eye Drops is a lubricating eye drop has been chosen by many to provide hydrating relief. This product gives optimal symptomatic relief of dry eye, protecting all layers of the tear film with its Nano-Droplet Technology. Easy to carry anywhere you go, just drop a few into your eyes whenever your eyes are feeling a little dry and experience the relief!

Purchase SYSTANE Complete Eye Drops online for RM38.77.