Ahh, Met Gala. The only time where these A-list celebrities gathered together to celebrate the most iconic fashion night of the year. Basically, it’s a high-class Halloween costume that will be invited only if you have at least a million dollars in your bank account. So for us, basic ‘’medium-income’’ people, we’re just sitting at home eating our bagels and judging these people based on their poor choice of outfits. How fun? But honestly, while most of us—no, scratch that, all of us—are dying to get Anna Wintour’s attention to invite us to the grand événement, nothing gives us more joy than to study and honour the fashion and beauty industry—at home. 

For those of you who unaware of this grandest ball of them all, (seriously, where have you been hiding all your life?), each year, the honourable, splendid Anna Wintour will come out with a theme for the night—and every invitee must be smart enough to follow the given particular subject. And as of this year, the category is American Fashion. So, did these celebrities understand the assignments and do the best they could to honour American’s fashion? You bet they did. Some of you may have already seen some of these bombshell looks via Instagram homepage, Twitter dash or special Livestream video—but for the one who missed, you can check them all out here. 

Beauty Insider listed down the best look—hair and makeup from the 2021 MET Gala, held at NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. 


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Oh, Cici! Our favourite pop singer Ciara really aged like a fine wine, ain’t she? For her green jersey dress, the story behind it was really really really sweet. As the theme is ‘’American Fashion’’, Ciara decided to rep her husband’s jersey-like. Because what does an American know best besides the great American Football? And since Ciara’s husband, Russell Wilson is one of the top football players in the Eagle Country, it’s totally fitting. For her hair, she chose a simple ponytail but she put a twist to it—she added ultra-voluminous hair that fell past her waist in a caramel blonde hue. She then gelled her baby hairs and intentionally styled it wispies. Stunning!

Storm Reid 

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The Euphoria star decided to drop a bombshell, debuting her new blonde pixie at the Met Gala carpet. I mean, when you have access to the Met Gala, who needs a tacky Instagram post to reveal your new look, right? For her outfit-of-choice, the 18-years-old beauty opted for a custom Prada outfit, all dripped in pink, by the way. The soft play of different pink shades really help to elevate her beauty look. And as of her blond pixie, Storm Reid artistically styled it in a medium wavy look. Very very contrast to her usual long brown waves she used to rocked before. Absolutely adorable. She even paired her glossy pink manicure with baby pink lips and white liner. 

Naomi Osaka 

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An absolute showstopper! Meet Naomi Osaka—a four time Grand Slam Winner, a Louis Vuitton ambassador, and most importantly, a proud multicultural heritage. For this year’s Met Gala, the professional American tennis player chose to challenge gravity with her hairstyle of choice. Hairstylist Marty Harper transformed Noami’s hair into extremely detailed yet creative updo. Each braid forms a circle on top of her head and has tiny red adornment. Her dress however, is a reflection of a Koi fish, painted professionally by her own sister, Mari. The design was a nod to her Japanese background. Speaking to Vogue, Noami said, ‘’It is definitely a dream come true for me. Our first design (her sister and her) collaboration, is really what I envisioned to wear to the Met Gala’s red carpet. I am very and proudly honoured to showcase my heritage.’’ Yass, you go queen! 

Barbie Ferreira 

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Have you ever imagined that a renaissance-painting could come out of the frame itself and walk down the red carpet at Met Gala 2021? Bet you didn’t. Though, Barbie Ferreira literally proved how a modern, yet classy-take can still be practiced in the year of 2021. Look at how good her hair looks? If I could have one particular hairstyle to rock for the rest of our lives, this will be it. For the hair, according to her hairstylist, Malcolm Marquez, he gave tight ringlets to bring out the best tiny and steady looking curls, then he gently glued pearls below her middle part. Ugh, so old school, we love it. For her makeup on the other hand, Kali Kennedy, aka her makeup artist, decided to draw on ultra-thin brows, and blended a few amethyst shades onto Barbie’s lids, creating a jewel-tone appearance.

Amanda Gorman 

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Let us introduce you to one of the greatest poets in America; Amanda Gorman. Her long black locks literally, hanging perfectly, placed in a twist of braid, paired with a sparkly, feather hair piece at the top of her head. It’s simple but still manages to stand out, you know what we mean? Oh and by the way, if you zoom in the picture, you can clearly see her clutch was emblazoned with the words, ‘’Give is your tired.’’ Um, not sure what exactly it means, but Amen to that!

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